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Installing a Dehumidifier with Pump

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If your home has a chronic flooding problem because of its location, or because of some structural defect that allows water to flow in from the outside and into your basement, installing a pump system for your dehumidifier is a great idea. Image Credit/Image License: Company.

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A pump system consists of a sump pump, pipes, and the sump basin. In the case of a specially outfitted dehumidifier, the source of water is the dehumidifier’s own holding tank, or water reservoir.

A pipe will be connected directly to the dehumidifier’s tank, and a sump pump will draw away the water from the tank and redirect it to the pump basin.

Take note, however, sump pumps (whether above-ground or submersible) require their own electrical power, so you have to make sure that your home has the right outlets nearby, since extension cords are completely out of the question.

Now, if your humidity problem at home is not as severe as the scenario we have explored above, you may want to purchase a dehumidifier that provides powerful moisture control, but with a water tank that is easier to manage and maintain.

A dehumidifier with a front-loaded water tank is a good choice for many homes (unless you are dealing with insistent flooding which is a completely different problem altogether).

Frigidaire 50 Pint Dehumidifier with Built In Pump for Sump

If you want a dependable model, have we got a treat for you! We have recently examined a great new release from Frigidaire. This model called the Frigidaire FAD504DWD dehumidifier has one of the highest power efficiency ratings in the market today, and it just rocks, because of its more than adequate fifty-pint water capacity.

Just imagine: you will only have to empty out the tank when it’s filled. Fifty pints is a huge volume, considering that the machine is only collecting water from the air! This means less work for you, and more enjoyment with your family, since you won’t be constantly monitoring if your dehumidifier’s water tank is full.

Another great advantage of using the Frigidaire FAD504DWD is that you will immediately enjoy cleaner and better-smelling air. We all know that humidity can really mess with the odors in one’s house. In fact, if you let humidity have its way with your home, you will probably end up with musty smells all around your house.

This can be extremely stressful, especially if you have kids at home. The Frigidaire FAD504DWD has a filtering system that deals directly with these odors. Once this dehumidifier starts to work, all those odors will be dealt with until they are gone. Pure, fresh air will once again reign in your beloved house.

The third feature of the Frigidaire FAD504DWD that is worth mentioning is that it is very portable, considering its holding capacity and motor size. Additionally, its sleek and modern design will ensure that it will not clash with the existing aesthetics of your home. If anything, the Frigidaire FAD504DWD will enhance the beauty of any space in your home because of its clean lines and compact design.

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