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Do you want to have a vice-like grip that you can use to play sports more effectively or even crush helpless apples to a pulp? If you do, then you need to boost your grip strength through different exercises that will help you develop that crushing grip that you have always dreamed of. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain.

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Before we delve into the different exercises that improve grip strength, let us take a step back and examine why you should continuously train your fingers, wrists and forearms to grip more powerfully:

1. According to recent studies in sports medicine, a strong grip is a good indicator of present and future health. It appears that people who have taken the time to improve their grip are subsequently able to keep themselves physically fitter and healthier than people with weak or weakening grips.

The correlation between fitness, health, and grip strength is probably due to the fact that when you have a strong grip you feel more inclined to perform physical activities, and this in turn improves overall health. Whereas people who have weak grips tend to shy away from physical activities.

2. Another reason why you should continue improving your grip strength is the fact that you can do more with a stronger grip. Now, we are not just talking about physical activities such as driving for long periods of time or lifting stuff off a shopping cart.

We are talking about enjoyable activities, such as sports, or activities like hiking and mountaineering. It has been proven, time and time again, that a strong grip complements any kind of physical sport. In fact, grip strength is highly valued in the whole spectrum of sports from golf to basketball to mixed martial arts training.

So, in short, increasing your grip strength gives you instant access to all these sports and leisurely activities because, with a little training, you can begin playing at an advanced level because you are fitter and stronger than the average man or woman.

Now that you know exactly why you should begin changing your perspective about grip strength, we’re going to share with you a few exercises that will get you started on the right track in terms of increasing your gripping power. Here they are:

Powerful Grip Strength Training

1. Lift Russian kettlebells – Russian kettlebells have been extensively used to condition all of the muscles and joints in the body for more than a century now.

It is not a fad, because fads tend to come and go. Russian kettlebells have been around since before World War I – that’s how good these things are. Buy a pair of 20 or 30 pounders and get started on the right way to total body fitness and better grip strength.

2. Squeeze and crush – Squeezing is the primary method of exercising the fingers and forearms. You can squeeze paper, tennis balls, and hand grippers. Old newspapers can be torn and sheaved together like a deck of cards.

Tearing through thick sheaves of paper can also improve grip strength. Commercial hand grippers, on the other hand, are handy and can be brought anywhere so you can train your grip anytime, anywhere.

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