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The Best Smoothie Recipes Ever!

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Whenever people ask us for the best recipes ever, we are often at a loss as to how we can present the wealth of great recipes that we have encountered throughout the years. We can’t show you every great recipe that we have found in countless books and magazines, but we can share with you some of the prized gems that we frequently reference when we create wonderful smoothies for ourselves. Enjoy our best smoothie recipes!

Fiber Land

**Many adults do not get the recommended amount of dietary fiber in their daily meals. The Fiber Land Smoothie is a great example of how you can create and consume something that is not only tasty, but also healthy. This recipe provides lots of natural dietary fiber, and is highly recommended for people who want to control their appetite and cleanse their bodies naturally.


•    One cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
•    One tablespoon of natural fiber powder
•    Half a cup of creamy yogurt
•    One medium-sized banana
•    1 pound of papaya


Slice the banana and papaya into small chunks or cubes. You will need half a kilogram of papaya for this recipe. Make sure that the papaya is ripe, because if it isn’t it will add unnecessary tartness to the final output. Freeze the papaya and bananas before using.

Once your fruit is ready, add it to the food processor, followed by one cup of freshly squeeze orange juice, fiber powder, and yogurt. You can use any kind of yogurt (even soy yogurt).

Just make sure that you pick a jug that has natural flavor written across the label. Puree the ingredients for at least three minutes before serving. You can also add half a cup of crushed ice, if you want to make the Fiber Land Smoothie thinner in consistency.

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Sweet Peaches & Berries Smoothie


•    Half a cup of crushed ice
•    Half a cup of yogurt (vanilla-flavored)
•    Half a cup of peach juice
•    Half a cup of apple juice
•    One cup of raspberries (frozen)
•    One cup of peaches


Begin this recipe by slicing the raspberries and peaches into small chunks, preferably one-inch pieces. Once your fruit has been sliced, put it in a small glass bowl, and freeze it for two to three hours. When your fruit has become nice and frosty, combine it in your food processor, along with half a cup of crushed ice.

Pour the apple juice and peach juice next. Once the juices are in the blender, mix the vanilla-flavored yogurt. Puree your fruit medley for a few minutes, until a fine pink smoothie emerges. Use a spatula to push down any stray berries that may float to the top as you are pureeing the ingredients. Serve in a tall glass and enjoy!

The Kiwi-Colada


•    Half a cup of crushed ice
•    One cup of yogurt (natural flavor)
•    Two kiwifruits
•    One small banana
•    Half a cup of pineapple slices


Combine the crushed ice, pineapple slices, and kiwi fruits in your food processor. Add the yogurt last and puree until fine. Enjoy your unique Kiwi-Colada!

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