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Your True Adventure Begins with the Casio Pathfinder Watch

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For decades now, Casio has been one of the biggest manufacturers of watches, and is one of the few companies that has always listened to the needs of regular folks like you and me.

In all its years of designing and producing durable and innovative watches, Casio has continually impressed the international market with well-thought-out models that respond to the changing needs of people.

One of Casio’s flagship watch models is the Pro Trek PRW2500, which is considered one of the toughest and most dependable adventure watches in the world today.

The PRW2500 is manufactured with the highest grade of titanium (rusting not allowed!) which makes it one of the best choices for people who like to go “off road” for their adventures. If you like the idea of conquering mountains and raging rivers, you need the Pro Trek PRW2500; it is an invaluable partner in the great outdoors, period.

Here’s why you’ll love the PRW2500:

1. Are you planning on climbing your first mountain with a bunch of buddies? If you are, it is best to know exactly how high you’ve already climbed, so you can measure just how efficient your methods are.

Nothing beats a built-in altimeter in your watch! With just one glance you can see your elevation and progress as you ascend your chosen mountains, one foothold at a time. You will also be able to see the atmospheric pressure in your current location through the PRW2500’s built-in barometer.

Back in the day, barometers were placed on tables and were generally available only to schools and laboratories. Now you can have a more efficient barometer, wherever you may be.

And because of the tough titanium casing of the PRW2500, you won’t have to worry about damaging it, because it was built to take punishment!

2. Any digital watch is useless without a clear display. Casio takes it up several notches by introducing a completely redesigned, crystal-clear LCD display in the PRW2500.

The PRW2500 was designed to convey the most accurate time and readings in the most efficient way possible, so Casio revamped how information was actually displayed on the LCD.

In addition to installing a polychromatic LCD, Casio also made use of a segment-by-segment system for conveying information. These display segments are delineated clearly in the display, so with just one glance you will be able to see changes in barometric pressure, temperature, etc.

3. Other watches are weak when it comes to water. If you’ve tried using a supposedly “waterproof” watch before, you’ll know what we mean. If you have been disappointed by other “tough” watches before, you’ll be glad to know that Casio has waterproofed the PRW2500’s entire body, up to two hundred meters.

A typical swimming pool has a depth of about six feet or just 1.8 meters. The PRW2500 can withstand the combined depth of over one hundred swimming pools! Care to see the atmospheric pressure undersea? Let the PRW2500 do it for you!

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