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Understanding Casio Pathfinder Watch Bands

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Watch bands for Casio watches come in different colors, materials, and sizes. If your own Casio watch is in dire need of a band replacement, you have to jot down the following details, so you can find a suitable band online: name, year of manufacturing, model/series. Image Credit/Image License: Company.

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The model/series code is extremely important, because many websites that sell watch accessories and replacement parts require this information so you can take a look at their available materials or parts. If you do not know the exact name and series number of your Casio watch, refer to the user manual that came with it.

The name and series number of your watch is indicated on the front page of the user manual (usually at the top left, top right or bottom center). Is it possible to use a band from another Casio watch model?

Unless you already have familiarity as to how you can modify the joints and segments of watch bands, we do not recommend buying bands from another model or series.

Casio watches have different measurements, and if a band was made specifically for a series, it should only be used for that series. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the locking points of your watch. Here are the common types of Casio watch bands that are readily available in the market:

1. Nylon bands – These are made entirely from nylon material, and have a quick-release design so you can easily remove the band whenever you need to.

This type of band does not have any metal or plastic parts. The upside is that nylon bands are often available in many different colors, so you can buy several bands to match your wardrobe if you want to.

2. Resin bands – Resin bands, which are manufactured from flexible plastic, are often used for sporty Casio watches. What makes resin bands special is the fact that the clips located at each end are made from stainless steel, and not light alloys. So, even if the band is drenched in sweat, rusting will not occur.

3. Metal bands – If you own a Casio watch like the G-Shock model, you will have to purchase a metal band. This type of band is made from pure stainless steel, and can be adjusted to suit the actual dimensions of your wrist.

4. Bezel – Though bezels are not wrist bands, it’s important for watch owners to know that they can change the front cover, or bezel, of their watches. Bezels can be made from either plastic or stainless steel, depending on the type of watch that you have.

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