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Discus fish are among the most popular tropical fishes on the pet fish market, despite the fact that they are one of the species that commands a hefty price tag, especially for the brighter and more colorful phenotypes. In the United States, you have three main options when it comes to acquiring new tank stock: private breeders, large pet farms, and privately owned pet stores in towns and cities. There are discus fish for sale online as well as offline. The pricing method for discus fish is as follows: (Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.)

Pricing Methods of Exotic Fish for Sale – The Discus Fish

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1. The cheapest discus fish often have just one color, and the coloration of the fish will not be as bright and iridescent as more expensive strains.

2. Wild discus fish or Heckel discus are still less expensive than the brightest and most colorful strains.

3. Colorful strains will command the highest prices in all situations.

If you have a limited budget, and are only venturing out to add a few discus to your community tank or species tank, we recommend buying wild discus or strains such as the true blue discus as you will only have to spend $20 to $60 for each fish.

The bigger the discus, the pricier it will be. If you want an adult breeding pair, expect the price to go up to $300 to $500 easily. Some Heckel discus strains have iridescent coloration (although they still have the characteristic black stripe at the center).

If a discus has more than four visible colors, expect the price to be $150 to $200. If you want to save money on your purchase, skip the commercial pet stores and try to find a private breeder that specializes in discus. You can probably negotiate the price if you buy ten or more fish from that breeder.

Private breeders are more likely to acquiesce to a bargaining customer than a commercial pet store. Commercial pet stores do offer discounts, but you will have to speak to the store manager, and you will have to buy a lot of stuff from them before you can get a price reduction.

Fancy strains such as “albino red diamond” and “turquoise” discus can command $160 to $190 each. Some private breeders often “packs” of discus for about $300 each. You will save about 50% if you buy discus in packs. However, I would advise against getting too many discus fish at once if you have never taken care of this type of fish before. If you have zero experience in taking care of discus, buy one or two discus fish, and dedicate a tank to this species so you can observe how they will fare when you bring them home.

Bonus: Discus Fish Care Reminders

Here are some more reminders for first time aquarists who have never taken care of discus fish before:

1. Ammonia levels must be monitored regularly – use the proper testing kit so you will be aware of ammonia spikes in the water.

2. Don’t feed your discus fish too many worms – they’ll get sick from too much fat in their diet.

3. Small shrimp are excellent for discus – chop them up and include the shell!

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