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Do you have a bonsai tree at home? Are you planning to buy one in the near future and would like to know how to take care of it? If you do, you have come to the perfect place, because in this article we are going to be discussing the essentials of bonsai tree care. Before we start discussing the essentials of caring for a bonsai tree, here are a few important points that you should remember: (Image Credit: Bonsai 2 – Philadelphia Flower Show 2012, Dyogi,

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1.    Bonsai trees are alive! You should strive to place its basic needs above everything else, because it won’t be able to survive regular pruning if it is not growing properly.

2.    Different trees have different needs, so make sure that you are familiar with the unique tree you want to purchase before buying it.

3.    You have several options for obtaining a bonsai tree. Your best option, if you have never really taken care of plants before, is buying nursery stock. Nursery stock has been well cared for prior to your purchase, so it will have a higher survival rate than cuttings and seeds.

Now that you are more familiar with the business of selecting and caring for trees, here are the guidelines that will ensure that your tree will live for many, many years in your care:

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How To Take Care of a Bonsai Tree - Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree(Image Credit: Cotoneaster, Mike OpenEye, flickr.)

How To Take Care of a Bonsai Tree

1.    Sufficient light is important for all kinds of plants. In the event that you really want to keep your bonsai tree indoors most of the time, make sure that you place the bonsai tree near a window where natural sunlight is streaming in.

The distance between the window and the bonsai tree itself has a large bearing on how much sunlight the plant will actually get. Visible light does not equate the amount of sunlight that a plant is receiving. The plant needs to be as close as possible to the light source. The farther it is from the window, the less natural radiation it will receive.

2.    Just because a bonsai tree is small doesn’t mean that it does not require regular care. As with other plants, bonsai trees need to be watered and fed with fertilizer. Your local horticulturist or bonsai dealer will be able to share with you their own secrets on keeping your trees alive at home. It is important that you reach out to local experts, because they will be most familiar with the widely available tree species in your area.

3.    Do not try bonsai art if you are not willing to wait at least a year to see some serious results. Of course, there are bonsai trees on the market that look just like the aged trees in the wild. These are produced by expert craftsmen with the help of wires. However, it is important that you still learn how to prune, wire, and adjust your tree in accordance to your artistic vision. Your bonsai tree will not grow in leaps and bounds overnight. It will take years for it to develop the familiar rami, or branch network, that will really give it an authentic “old tree” look.

Give your Bonsai tree lots of loving care and you will succeed!

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