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Simple Landscaping Ideas - Sedum and Clover Garden Landscape

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

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Are you interested in landscaping your front or back yard? If you are, then you might want to keep reading, since our discussion article focuses on the same ideas that will make your unique exterior spaces come to life. Image Credit: Sedum and Clover, Susan Harris, Gardener Susan,

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Before we share with you our own landscaping ideas, we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss with you some basic principles of landscaping that are just as important as the landscaping ideas themselves. First of all, landscaping is primarily an artistic endeavor. This simply means that at the center of it all is beauty itself in its many manifestations.

The highest authority when it comes to determining what is beautiful, and what is not, is you. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you consult with more experienced landscape artists, or if you watch videos of people who are already adept in landscaping.

By studying what others are doing, you will get a general feel of the work involved and the work process that needs to be completed, so that you can produce something that you can be proud of.

Simple Landscape Ideas - Parterre Garden Flower Beds
Image Credit: Part of a parterre in an English garden, Parterre 2, Jasper33, Wikipedia.

Simple Landscape Ideas – Visualize and Design

Now, when you are trying to determine what to do with your back or front yard, it is important that you visualize your available space in terms of distinct outdoor spaces. What this means is that if you do decide to segment your yard, each section should have a particular purpose or function.

Don’t get us wrong – you don’t have to transform every outdoor space so that it literally has a practical function if you don’t want to. But nevertheless, it is important that you have a good idea as to which direction you will be headed when you start clearing and modifying your yard.

For example, if you want your yard to become an open barbecue area where people can relax by the poolside, what kind of materials will you need to make your vision a reality? What kind of demarcations will you need to set up to separate the various sections of your yard? These are the basic questions that any budding landscaper should be ready for once he starts working on exterior spaces.

Now that you are more or less acquainted with the preliminary considerations before you begin landscaping, here are some great ideas that you can build upon at home:

1.    People usually design their yards for a particular season. Let’s change the game a bit – why not create a design that will look cool in the summer, lively during fall, and warm during winter? With the right combination of hedges, stones, and perennial flowers, you can create a year-round design that will be the envy of professional landscape artists.

2.    Growing lush, living carpeting is one of the finest pleasures of landscaping. Instead of focusing on purely ornamental carpeting (e.g. Bermuda grass) why not allow edible weeds to grow on your yard? You will be surprised as to how fun it is to harvest edibles while enjoying the natural beauty of wild grasses and ferns.

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