Paint Zoom Problems – Customer Experiences

Paint Zoom Problems

Paint Zoom Problems; Issues and Resolutions

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Something that is becoming popular with DIY weekend warriors is Paint Zoom. Over the last few years, people have enjoyed the ease and simplicity of this unique product. It allows people to apply paint to almost every surface, including furniture, fences and dog houses!

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However, some customers have had Paint Zoom problems. It’s important to look into them before you decide to buy the product. This helps to decide whether the negative reviews and complaints are truly about the device or the way it has been used by the consumer. Here are some of the issues faced worth clarifying.

There are some problems that have an explanation and solution. Knowing these will help you feel less stressed and frustrated later. You may be surprised how easy some of the Paint Zoom problems are to fix!

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Problems Paint Zoom Customers Have Encountered

Loose parts are a major issue for customers. There is some assembly required, whether you order it from the TV infomercials or from online. This is pretty simple, with instructions and everything necessary to put it together. Most of the assembly is fixing the tube and motor to the device. Some of the Paint Zoom complaints are about the hoses coming off. It is important to make sure the hose is well-attached before using.

This problem is easily solved by turning the device off, taking off the hose and then attaching it back onto the device. Avoid tugging and pulling on the hose during painting. When guiding the mist, you should keep the movements smooth to avoid the hose falling off during use.

The second problem that people face is the thickness of the paint for use. When the paint isn’t diluted enough, the spray device cannot work as well as it should and a number of people have had this Paint Zoom problem. It’s important to measure everything out perfectly. It may seem annoying but it will help you enjoy the DIY work afterwards. Try measuring the paint in advance to help with the viscosity.

There’s no need to worry about getting the right measurements. You get a free viscosity cup with your purchase so you know exactly how much paint and water you need to get the best mist. You will soon find that your walls are painted as if by a professional.

There is a Paint Zoom review about how thick paint has splotched onto the walls. It is probable that the user simply didn’t follow the Paint Zoom instructions or didn’t dilute his paint before using it in the paint sprayer.

The last of the major Paint Zoom problems is uneven coatings. This is often due to too much water being added to the paint. It is really important to use the cup every time to get the best result every time you use it.

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