Paint Zoom Complaints – What Do They Really Mean?

Paint Zoom Complaints

What Paint Zoom Complaints Really Mean!

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Before you buy Paint Zoom for the first time, you want to make sure it’s worth your money. That’s perfectly normal and it is important to look into any Paint Zoom complaints. There are a number of Paint Zoom reviews online to help people decide whether the product will work for their needs.

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There are Paint Zoom complaints here and there. The truth is one product simply can’t please everyone. However, it’s important to look into the Paint Zoom problems that people have had to make sure it is a real problem with the product and not a misconception or something the user has done wrong!

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Complaints Paint Zoom Deals With!

Just one consumer complaint is about the noise from the Zoom Paint’r while it is in use. This Paint Zoom complaint comes from, and is due to, the 650-watt motor. It is powerful and the noise represents that. That motor is necessary; otherwise the paint wouldn’t push through the nozzle and onto the wall!

Another complaint was about how a buyer’s hand hurt after use – after an hour of using it! While it is lightweight, like anything, prolonged use will lead to aching hands and wrists! That doesn’t stop the product being effective. It is important to take breaks between uses to avoid aching hands during use. In fact, it is recommended that breaks are taken during the painting.

The third lot of Paint Zoom complaints was due to the heat that comes from the sprayer. Remember that this is a 650-watt motor and it will heat during use – just like any device using a motor! Think about how warm your electric shaver gets! The best thing to do is to switch off the sprayer after 10 minutes or so and allow the motor to cool.

There is no need to worry about the unique parts wearing down quickly. It was designed with medium-heavy use in mind. However, the heat can be a bother. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with this is to switch it off and allow the parts to cool before you continue.

This is a great time to take a break and avoid pains in your hands. Grab a drink and make your DIY work fun for the household. This applies even if you’re outside where it’s cool!

Finally, there are negative Paint Zoom reviews about the paint’s viscosity. Too many people loaded their paint straight into the device without watering it down and then complained that it didn’t work. It is so important to dilute the paint when working with a motor and air otherwise it won’t work. Follow the instructions in the manual and it will work as promised.

If the paint job is too light, you can always go over the area again! You can add a little less water the second time round, as long as it is still enough for the device. This will put an end to many of the Paint Zoom complaints seen online.

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