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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Top-notch Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Does your front yard look gray and flat because it hasn’t been landscaped properly? Are you worried about not having enough cash to pay a landscape artist to work on your front yard? If you are anxious about these things, then this is probably the timeliest discussion you will ever come across. Image Credit: Contemporary home in Richmond BC, 1970’s Westcoast contemporary home in Richmond BC, Guhbear, Wikipedia.

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Today is all about reclaiming your front yard so that will finally reflect your natural creativity! Remember: you do not have to be a professional landscape artist in order to produce professional-looking results. If you have an artistic streak, and you like the idea of implementing your own unique plans, then DIY landscaping is definitely for you.

Are you ready to conquer your front yard? Here are some basic ideas and strategies to get you started:

Front Yard Landscape Ideas
Image Credit: 23 Waimea Road, Lindfield, New South Wales (2011-04-28), OSX, Wikipedia.

Basic Front Yard Landscape Ideas and Strategies

1.    Before making any major changes to the landscape of your front yard, ask yourself this: how much attention do you want for your property?

Many homeowners engage in do-it-yourself landscaping because they want to enhance their home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the instant impact of your home when viewed from the road, or from across the road.

It has been proven that curb appeal greatly increases the overall value of a property. On the flipside, you may not be that interested at all with curb appeal (or selling your house, for that matter).

In that case, you might want to tone down your modifications, so that your house or property will not attract unwanted attention from other people.

2.    Wooden fences are so fifty years ago! You can create divisions in your outdoor spaces with “living walls” (e.g. hedges). If you don’t have the patience to trim and maintain hedges, you can also explore using stone walls, and fences made from alternative materials, such as bamboo.

3.    How much color do you have near the driveway? Driveways don’t have to be boring at all. Try adding a few flower patches to improve the aesthetics of your driveway. If your home’s dominant colors are already cool, try warmer colors for your driveway.

Some great examples of warm colors are pink, orange, and red. Do not limit yourself to one or two types of flowers. Try three or four rows, and see what happens! Unbridled creativity is best for landscaping, especially if this is your first time to do it. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

4.    An essential addition to your front yard are walkways that can help guests find their way around your property. Walkways also help create visual balance and harmony between distinct outdoor spaces.

Now, here are a few reminders when designing a walkway for your front yard. If your house is located near a busy street, your walkway should not be a straight line that connects the street and your front door.

If possible, try to make your walkway winding, so that your front door doesn’t become an instant “target” for anyone coming in from the street. The same applies if you want to connect your front yard with a side or back yard. Winding walkways are easier on the eyes, and also make your landscape more dynamic.

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