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The Best Choice for Rotisserie Cooking at Home

If you´re in the market for, and looking to buy a home rotisserie, then electric rotisseries is what you should be shopping for!

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There are a couple of factors to consider when buying and using this special household appliance, so take your time to evaluate and think about the following things, mentioned below. In the end, the right choice will maximize your money’s worth.

Electric rotisseries are safe, compact, practical, economical and efficient. They save space and money. And they produce the most succulent and tasty meat you could ever imagine.

Ronco Showtime Electric RotisserieAlmost all home rotisseries for sale are powered by electricity and use it efficiently as their heat source. There are exclusive and costly residential gas rotisseries available on the market, but traditionally, gas power is most common in commercial rotisseries used in rotisserie restaurants.

Electric power is readily available in every household and it´s very easy to just plug your machine directly into an electrical outlet.

The electric rotisserie is convenient and practical. These kitchen rotisseries are perfect for home use since they’re light and compact, do not require much space and won’t clutter your kitchen countertop. No need for bulky propane gas cylinders or difficult, professional skill requiring, connection to the natural gas line. They are also very suitable for small apartments with little room to spare. You will not risk sacrificing any unnecessary space in you precious home.

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Cooking with Electric Rotisseries

Electric heating elements take a little longer to heat up than open flame gas heating on gas rotisseries, but today’s efficient electric heat elements heats up fast enough for home use and rotisserie cooking. The ignition process is also easy, just turn the switch or press the power button. No gas igniter or lighter necessary.

If you change the temperature of the heat, the change takes place gradually with electricity, but since rotisserie meat cooking is a lengthy process at preset temperatures, this will never be an issue. Just set the correct temperature when you start cooking and the rotisserie ovens coils will heat up and keep an even temperature throughout the cooking process, producing perfect, delicious meats every time.

Some argue that gas rotisseries grilling or roasting produces tastier meat and that gas power can reach higher heat or temperature levels for longer periods of time, but since no searing is required and since the meat never comes in direct contact with the heat source, but instead turns vertically or horizontally on a spit in front of the heat element, there is no difference when it comes to taste and juiciness of the meat.

In fact, electric ovens produce dry heat, optimal for roasting meat, whereas gas ovens produce a more humid heat less effective for roasting.

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Affordable Household Appliances

Electric rotisseries are affordable. They are cheap to buy and you can get them anywhere, in any online store. An electric rotisserie machine will set you back about 100 – 200 USD but will provide great value and great food experiences for years to come.

The only additional cost is the use of electricity, which in this case is negligible, of course depending on how much and how often you use your machine.

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Green and Safe Electric Power Cooking

Electricity is reasonably environmentally and pollution friendly and compared to propane gas or natural gas it does not emit that much potentially hazardous combustion fumes or gas spill emissions into the indoor or outdoor air.

Rotisseries powered by household electricity are safe to use. The heating elements are safely protected by heat reflectors / covers inside the rotisserie device. These household machines will produce some heat on the outside casing. Make sure it has cooled off before touching it or cleaning it.

With electric power there is also no risk for gas leaks of toxic, flammable gas. There is also less risk of residential fires. Just make sure to unplug your machine when cleaning it and regularly check wires and casings so that they are in good condition. With these precautions you and your family, and above all, children and pets will be safe.

The only real disadvantage with electric rotisseries is that you are subject to risk of power outages. If you live in an area where this happens on a regular basis then you might want to consider gas as your preferred fuel source, but usually this does not happen too often, so you should be able to cook and enjoy rotisserie food whenever you want to. Ask yourself, Do I really need to cook rotisserie meat during an electricity power outage?

Other alternative electric-powered devices are rotisserie kits for bbq grills or for kitchen ovens driven by an electric motor.

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Rotisserie Perfection with Electricity

If you easily want to cook healthy, juicy and great tasting meats to perfection, with reduced fat and cholesterol, like chicken, turkey, fish, prime ribs, roasts, lamb or even vegetables, and at the same time save money, save household space and be environmentally friendly, then you should consider investing in one of the many electric rotisseries for home use available on the market.


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