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Desert Landscaping Ideas - Cactus Garden

Expert Desert Landscaping Ideas

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Are you in love with desert landscapes? If you are, you are probably wondering if it is actually possible to recreate the same beauty at home, using your available exterior spaces. Image Credit: Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford University 3, Oleg Alexandrov, Wikimedia Commons.

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The answer is yes and, with the right selection of plants and materials, your desert landscape is only days or weeks away from becoming physical reality. Here are some exciting ideas that you can try at home:

Exciting Desert Landscape Ideas

Desert Landscape Ideas - Miller House Palm Springs California
Image Credit: Miller House, Palm Springs, California, Amerique, Wikimedia Commons.

1.    If you have a large front yard and space is not a problem, you might want to experiment with tall palm trees and drought-resistant bushes. The palm trees can be placed parallel to each other, to create a natural fence, while the bushes or shrubs can be used to create contours around your yard.

2.    Nothing defines a desert landscape better than rock formations. A rock garden is definitely a good project, especially if you have a natural eye for arranging aged rocks.

Rock gardens for desert landscapes tend to look even more aesthetically pleasing if you introduce two to three different cacti species into the mix. You don’t have to overdo it though – flowers are still important, so keep your cacti clusters small but prominent.

3.    Some landscape artists use a minimalistic approach when designing a desert landscape. Minimalism can be achieved if you focus on a central walkway or staircase leading up to your home. Thick vegetation can be grown at the sides of the walkway or staircase. Thick vegetation in a desert landscape is very soothing to the senses, indeed.

4.    Gravel can be an excellent material for winding paths. Combine smooth gravel and stones with aged rock, and you have the perfect mix of color and texture. Aged rocks provide a lot of texture and color, while the stones help with balance and proportion. Experiment and find out what works with your own unique yard!

5.    Picking a dominant color like yellow can enhance the beauty of a desert landscape. However, it is equally important that you have some secondary colors to break up the monotony of the main color. For example, if you have a lot of yellows accenting the driveway, it might do your yard some good if you have some orange or red flowers nearby. The secondary colors will break the monotony and emphasize the main color as well.

6.    Create a cacti attraction near your swimming pool. Cacti come in many shapes and sizes and, generally, people like them because they feature a lot of different textures. A sandy backdrop will serve as the perfect canvas for a few pots of full-grown cacti. Try it at home and see what we mean.

Desert Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Pool
Image Credit: Backyard pool, Creative Ignition,

Before you start selecting plants for your new desert landscape, we’d like to remind everyone that not all plants are drought-resistant so, if you live in a hot area of the country, it might be helpful if you ask your local supplier for low-maintenance plants. This way, you won’t have to spend more on keeping your plants alive throughout the year.

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