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Do you live in a small flat or a similar compact area where the size of furniture and appliances matter? Or perhaps you are a student who is interested in getting a new compact refrigerator freezer, so you can keep food fresh in the dorm? (Image Credit/Image License: Manufacturer.)

Whatever your actual needs are, it is important that you are aware of the basics of buying a new compact refrigerator freezer. In today’s discussion, we will be sharing with you some bits of wisdom, so you will be able to purchase the compact fridge of your dreams with all the features that you will love:

Compact Refrigerator Freezer Wisdom

1. Location, location, location. – Do not go bargain hunting for a new fridge if you don’t know where to put it yet. If you have to move around some furniture, or even your table, do it so you will have a clear idea as to how much space you actually have for a new fridge.

Too often people rush to buy their new fridge, only to realize later that they do not actually have the space to accommodate it. Measure the space’s exact dimensions, and use this information so you can purchase an appropriately-sized fridge.

2. What type of fridge/freezer do you need? – There are three kinds of freezers on the market today: portable, chest, and upright. If you need a freezer that you can stow in your car or SUV, you definitely need a portable freezer.

This type of freezer can run on a special battery. Now, let us say that you love freezing fresh meats and even random leftovers. If you don’t have any problems with stacking stuff inside a small freezer, then you should get a chest freezer.

These freezers have a very simple design (you only have to lift the lid to get stuff you need), and they’re quite small, too. Chest freezers measure an average of 2 cubic feet, horizontally and vertically.

The third type of freezer, the upright freezer, is perfect for people who like the conventional design of full-sized fridges. The capacity of a compact upright fridge is the same as chest freezers.

3. Get your bonuses. – Fridge/freezer manufacturers are always thinking of new ways to entice more customers to buy their brand and not others. So, there is actually no shortage of value added features when you are shopping for a new fridge.

This being the case, pick a budget-friendly freezer/fridge that provides the features that you need. Here is a good example: let us say that you just love sitting down at the end of the day with an ice-cold glass of soda. You need ice for this, right?

Well, some fridges offer icemaker functionality. That’s right: even compact fridges can make ice cubes for you! Other basic value added features include more shelf space, door alarms, etc.

Don’t get carried away though; choose a brand that satisfies your actual needs. Some features are nice, but they really aren’t that relevant to the actual performance of the fridge. Remember this when you are shopping for a new compact fridge!

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