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Canning is definitely one of the most efficient ways to store healthy fruit and, if want to start canning, you need a pressure cooker that was built for this task and more. If you have been looking for a heavy-duty addition to your pressure cooker line up, you can’t go wrong by choosing the All American Quart Pressure Cooker and Canner. Check out the great advantages that you will get when you use this top of the line and highly recommended pressure cooker: (Image Credit: Different models of All-American Pressure Cookers/Canners by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. Image License: Company.)

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1.    High capacity – Small pressure cookers are fine for small volumes of food. But what if you need to cook larger quantities for guests and for storage? Eight quarts just isn’t enough for these cooking tasks.

The All American Quart Pressure Cooker & Canner can hold up to 21 quarts at full capacity, making it one of the largest, and more reliable, high-capacity cookers in the market today.

The brand itself has been tested time and time again and is highly recommended by professional cooks and chefs everywhere. If you want a pressure cooker that is being used in restaurants, look nowhere else.

2.    Solid construction – This model was constructed with thick and heavy aluminum, which is lighter but is no less sturdy. Use your new pressure cooker with confidence knowing that it can handle its preset pressure limits easily. Three pressure regulators ensure that you have full control of the actual internal pressure inside the cooker.

3.    No loose parts – Rubber or silicone gaskets are fine until they are finally worn down by heat and pressure. The All American Quart Pressure Cooker & Canner doesn’t have this disadvantage, because it was designed to hold in pressure without the aid or rubber gaskets.

The heavy duty locking mechanism ensures that no water or steam escapes while you are still cooking or canning. This design ensures that you will be able to use your pressure cooker for many, many years, and you won’t even have to worry about replacing rubber or silicone parts.

All American Pressure Cooker Reviews

Here are some fast facts about this pressure cooker’s operation based on actual customer reviews:

1.    Make sure that you add a sufficient amount of water when cooking for long periods of time. As a safety precaution, excess pressure will be released to keep the internal pressure within the limit of the preset pressure level.

Pressure release requires the escape of steam, so sufficient water is necessary to ensure that your pot doesn’t run out of it before it is done cooking.

2.    Due to the large capacity of the pressure cooker, it is not recommended that you fry small quantities of meat in it. Use it for heavier cooking tasks that involve pounds of meat to be tenderized in a short period of time.

3.    If you want to save even more time, use the pans that come with the All American Quart Pressure Cooker & Canner. These special aluminum pans can be placed on top of each other, so you can uniformly cook more food.

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