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Reiki Healing Information: The Facts Behind Energy Healing

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Reiki healing, or simply, reiki, is a Japanese relaxation and energy healing method developed by Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui was a dedicated spiritual teacher who extensively delved into countless traditional texts that spanned several ideologies and theologies.

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Usui was both an ascetic and a scholar. He had devoted the later part of his life to developing reiki, both as a spiritual practice, and as a way to heal and bring balance back to lives of people.

During his lifetime, it is estimated that he had taught more than twelve individuals to become reiki masters. Not every reiki practitioner is a reiki master. Before a regular reiki practitioner becomes a reiki master, he must first satisfy the requirements of first and second degree reiki training.

What is Reiki Healing?

The word “reiki” comes from two distinct terms: “rei” which means divine or spiritual and “ki” which means “vital energy” or simply, energy. The concept of “ki” is central to the teachings of Mikao Usui and subsequent proponents of reiki. Ki is the universal energy that animates all forms of life, from the smallest bacteria to the largest galaxies.

The same force that we feel surrounding us (our aura) is the same energy that makes the rotation of the Earth possible. The concept of “ki” in Japanese reiki is no different from the concept of “chi” in the Chinese Qi-Gong. “Ki” may also be considered synonymous with “prana,” or the life force concept in ancient Vedic texts of the ancient Hindus.

In the United States, reiki is considered an alternative or complementary healing method. Reiki is not designed to directly diagnose or heal any physical malady. So, if you see any website or book that claims that reiki can cure cancer with 100% certainty, simply ignore such claims. Reiki’s true power lies in its ability to bring healing and balance into a person’s life.

Many view reiki as “spiritual detoxification,” precisely because ki works not only the physical body, but also on the other energetic bodies (astral, mental, spiritual, soul, etc.). All these intertwined, non-material bodies are all connected to the physical body. If an imbalance occurs in any of the other bodies, that imbalance will be reflected by the physical body.

Reiki is especially recommended for people who are in a constant state of stress because of work, emotional problems, or even existing physical illnesses. A reiki practitioner, or a higher-level reiki master, can assist a person who wishes to undergo reiki relaxation and energy healing. Pure reiki healing that has specific goals (e.g. addressing chronic back issues) often require several reiki sessions.

A second-degree reiki practitioner is also capable of long distance reiki healing. Since ki or universal energy does is not hampered by distance at all, a reiki practitioner or reiki master who is fully attuned to the Source can send healing ki to a person who is not physically present at the moment. It doesn’t matter if you are 100 miles away from the reiki practitioner. As long as the reiki practitioner is capable of channeling ki, natural energy healing will take place.

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