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Having high blood pressure is never a walk in the park. In addition to countless check-ups and continuous adjustments to a patient’s diet, exercise routine and daily medication, there is also this fear that a patient’s b-pressure will suddenly spike for no particular reason.

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This applies most especially to patients with severe hypertension, and patients that have already suffered from complications. If you are a hypertensive patient yourself, your physician has probably told you about the need to monitor your bloods pressure regularly.

By regularly, your physician is actually asking you to check your BP a few times per day. Unless you have someone else at home that can measure your pressure regularly, you need an automatic blood pressure monitor. One of the most popular BP monitors worldwide is the Omron BP785 10 Series.

This model has been designed for accuracy and for continuous, daily use, so you won’t have to worry about prematurely breaking it just because you monitor your BP daily. According to genuine reviews from customers who actually have purchased and used this model for at least a few months, the Omron BP785 10 Series is notable for its accuracy, lightweight design, and rugged durability.

We have even received feedback that the Omron BP785 10 Series is also being used in clinics, because the results it produces are comparable to the readings of more expensive hospital BP monitors. Essentially, you will have a portable, hospital-grade BP monitor in the comfort of your home. That is definitely something to look forward to, especially if your blood pressure has been giving you a lot of problems lately.

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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Features

Here are the best features of the Omron BP785 10 Series:

–    The Omron BP785 10 Series can track and store the unique and individual blood pressure readings of up to two different people. So, if another member of your family needs to record daily BP readings, this device can definitely do that. Just make sure that the device is plugged in if the batteries are weak, or that you always have high quality batteries available so your data will always be safe. The Omron BP785 10 Series is essentially a computer that can monitor your pressure and, like a standard personal computer, if power is suddenly cut off, it can lose data.

–    The Omron BP785 10 Series features the Comfit Cuff which can be used for both average and large arm circumferences. No need to switch cuffs: this one cuff is versatile and adaptable enough to meet the size requirements of most patients.

–    Readings are automatically compared to international standards for high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and normal blood pressure. Your automatic blood pressure monitor will tell you immediately if your reading is normal or not.

–    The Omron BP785 10 Series has been equipped with TruRead, a new technology that ensures the most accurate reading every time you use the Omron BP785 10 Series. Unlike other automatic blood pressure monitors, the Omron BP785 10 Series will give you the average of three consecutive measurements, not just the results of one reading.

This is why Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors are the premiere choice of doctors, pharmacists and patients worldwide.

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