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It doesn’t matter what the fitness program offers as long as you get results. There are so many programs available now that are full of crazy ideas that it is hard to put your trust in any of them. It’s possible for anyone to create their own program with the internet today just by copying all the others out there. Image Credit: lululemon athletica

However, to be able to create a one-of-a-kind program takes time, hard work and research. Out of all the programs available, the MET Rx 180 is one to consider. MET Rx creators have done their research and learned all there is to know about weight loss, fitness, body conditioning and health.

You may have already heard of the MET-Rx brand. It is trusted and reliable for weight loss, fitness and building muscle. METRx has been available for years now but the creators have recently released their newest program to help improve fitness and lose weight: MET-Rx 180.

The MET Rx 180 program is a holistic but comprehensive program to help lose weight, using cardio and resistance training, along with sport conditioning, in a unique mix where all people will benefit, no matter their background.

In the MET Rx program, like in other reliable options, there is a guide taking you through the steps. Frank Sepe, Master Fitness Trainer of the MET-Rx 180 program, is well-known in the weight loss and fitness market. He doesn’t bother with gimmicks and endorsements but he knows it is real results that you want. You don’t need Hollywood stars that use other methods to get toned and lose weight; you need a Master of Fitness.

Met-Rx 180 Fitness WomanImage Credit: Keith Allison

MET-Rx Program Facts

Before you jump into the new MET-Rx program, there are a few things you need to know:

1.    This isn’t a quick solution. The plan is designed by professionals and uses a healthy diet with some supplements to help you build muscle and lose weight.

There is a guarantee on the METRx 180 program. If you don’t find that it works, you will get your money back, unlike all the other celebrity endorsed programs out there. The brand is risking its name and income to make sure you are satisfied.

2.    You will still need to do exercise throughout the week. There are about six sessions each week and you have one day off to recover and get ready for the next week.

3.    There are different phases to this MET-Rx program so it is suitable for all; even those who are super busy. Instead of spending a couple of hours in front of the TV, use half of that time to do the different exercises.

4.    The Met Rx 180 is designed for those who don’t live active lifestyles. There are millions who haven’t done real exercise for a long time, or ever, and this METRx program will help get you ready to lose weight and tone up.



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