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Master Cleanse Weight Loss Water

Master Cleanse – Fast Weight Loss Facts

The Master Cleanse weight loss diet presents a unique approach to weight loss. The diet prescribes complete removal of all solid food for ten days, replacing it with a special lemonade compound consisting of lemon juice or lime juice, maple syrup and pure water spiked with cayenne pepper powder.

Even though the diet method seems a little extreme, thousands of avid lemonade diet practitioners in the United States, and across all continents of the world, have experienced excellent results and enjoyed the diets two main benefits; detoxification and fast loss of weight.

Many people are attracted to the diet because of the rapid weight loss associated with it. So, is there any truth to the beneficial claims of this diet? Fortunately, the answer is Yes, which is proved by thousands of testimonials of satisfied people who use Master Cleanse for weight loss. If you are willing to try it yourself, you will enjoy the same benefits and results of this – The Ultimate Diet.

The diet is affectionately called the lemonade diet in the world of alternative health. It is one of the most sturdy detox and weight loss diets of this century, due to the fact that it has outlasted so many other diets, detox and weight loss programs throughout the years.

Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

The Master Cleanse Weight Loss Results

There are no large corporations behind, promoting or owning, this special diet and health method. Instead, thousands of people from around the globe, willingly support Stanley Burroughs unique, 60-year old, original Master Cleanser diet concept, because of the great results they have obtained and due to the fact that it just simply works.

There is an exact science behind this diet. The combination of three powerful concepts all work together in cutting down body fat and weight.

Pure Liquid Diet

The first concept employed is a pure liquid diet. Liquid diets are normally implemented when a person is ill, or has gone through surgery e.g. A liquid diet is used because it allows the body’s main internal organs to fully rest. This saves a lot of body energy. The extra energy saved from not having to digest solid food is directed to the recuperation of the entire body. The liquid digested is the primary source of nutrients needed during the diets entire duration.

Natural Detoxification

The second concept is natural detoxification. This is achieved by drinking large doses of fresh lemon juice mixed with cayenne pepper – two powerful superfoods that help clean out the body from within, expelling all accumulated toxins and bodily waste.

Colon Cleansing

The third concept is colon cleansing. One of the diets core principles is the cleanse of the intestines. This is accomplished by taking herbal laxative tea, herbal laxative capsules and by performing the saltwater flush.

The Saltwater Flush

Herbal laxatives are popular with beginners. The saltwater flush is more popular with more experienced diet practitioners. The saltwater cleanse is easy to do. All you need to perform the flush is one liter of purified water and two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt.

The resulting solution cannot be absorbed or digested by the body, and will be expelled quickly.

Within approximately half an hour or less, the body will expel the saltwater solution. This allows excess water, toxins and accumulated solid bodily waste to exit the body via the colon. This is the actual detoxification process and the part of the detox or cleanse that literally removes all harmful toxins and unnecessary waste that have accumulated inside the body.

For best result and colon cleansing effect, combine both saltwater flush and herbal laxatives, the first one in the morning and the second one in the evening. The saltwater cleanse will take some getting used to.

You may find strange-looking and strange colored feces in your toilet bowl during the first few days. This is only natural, because some of this expelled solid waste may have been stored in the colon for months, or even years.

As the body removes waste, it also begins burning off stored fats in the body.

Rapid Weight Loss

All the effects of the Master Cleanse weight loss diet and detox diet results in a rapid and continuous weight loss in just a third of a month or ten days to be exact. You also get a healthier, detoxified body and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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