Master Cleanse Recipe – Formula For Success

Master Cleanse Recipe Lemons And Limes

The Best Master Cleanse Recipe for Beginners

Do you feel the want and need to take charge and control over your health, weight loss and fitness issues, and consequently, your life?

Do you want to clean and detox your body and bloodstream inside and out without having to go through expensive, complicated detoxification programs?

If the answer is YES, then The Master Cleanse diet detox method is for You! This detox diet is the one unique diet that can replace other expensive and complicated detoxification procedures.

The diet was invented and introduced more than 60 years ago, and is still being recommended and used by countless alternative health practitioners today, as well as by thousands of private individuals.

The MC diet, or the lemonade diet, the cayenne pepper diet or the maple syrup diet as it is also called, is a very simple, yet brutally effective, detox method, to detoxify the whole body including the bloodstream and to noticeably decrease body fat in just 10 days.

This may seem as a bold statement, but in fact it’s not. Thousands of people from around the world have tried and used this unique diet and have discovered its effectiveness and benefits. They have since become fans of the MC and used the detox diet over and over again. Countless people testify to just how easy it is to lose five to ten pounds in ten days, and to how the general feeling of health, energy and wellbeing increases significantly.

This effective detox diet and health, fitness and weight loss program can easily be performed in the comfort of your own home without aid or any special instruments, exercise machines etc.

The detox method is simple; all you have to do is to avoid eating any solid food for 10 days straight. During this time, your sole source of sustenance is a special lemonade mixture.

The Master Cleanse Recipe

The recipe for Master Cleanse special lemonade mix used in the detox diet consists of the following ingredients;

  • Two tablespoons of maple syrup.
  • Two and a half tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice.
  • Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder.
  • 250 ml of plain water.

Mix all ingredients in a cup or shaker and stir or shake well.

Drink the powerful compound immediately after mixing it. Do not let the lemonade rest for more than ten minutes before consuming it. The special digestive enzymes present in freshly squeezed lemon juice are at their highest level straight after squeezing the lemon or lime fruit. After the ten minute time limit these enzymes begin to gradually diminish and disappear from the lemon juice / lemonade.

The overall detoxification effect will not be affected; however, you will miss out on important nutrients that can only be derived from drinking the lemon juice as soon as possible after pressing the juice out from the citrus fruit.

Master Cleanse Lemonade

Stock Up On Fresh Lemons

Buying and stocking up fresh lemons and limes at home is a good tip, since you will be drinking only lemonade with ingredients for the next ten days. The only additional beverages you’re allowed to drink is a cup of Non-iodized sea salt water flush in the morning and a cup of Herbal laxative tea in the evening.

A normal sized single lemon will yield about 3-6 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. The diet recommendation is to drink no less than twelve cups of the lemonade mix per day.

One tablespoon of high-grade maple syrup (Grade B maple syrup) provides approximately 50-54 calories, so the total calorie and energy intake from one serving of special lemonade is 100 calories of sugar energy.

The total calorie and energy intake from the full twelve servings of lemon juice mix is no less than 1200 calories. If you feel that you need more energy and thus calories to be able to manage and function throughout the day, then by all means, drink more of the beneficial lemonade mix.

Active individuals have been known to consume up to 24+ servings of the special lemonade mix just to keep up with their hectic and active lifestyle.

There is no need to stop exercising just because you are fasting and on a liquid lemonade diet. However, you need to think about, and be aware of the fact that the human body function much better with the sufficient amount of energy and fuel. Don’t expect to feel great if you are under your usual energy and calorie intake and at the same time exercising normally.

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Recipe, Directions And Determination – Your Formula For Success

Follow the Master Cleanse recipe and the detox diet directions with determination and willpower, and you will succeed with your health, detox, diet, weight loss and fitness efforts.

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