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Detox Your Body With The Master Cleanse Diet

Our modern world is a hostile place when it comes to our collective human health due to high levels of global environmental pollution as well as unhealthy artificial additives in our food and bad eating habits.

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This is why, now more than ever, it is of vital importance to take care of and cleanse our bodies, to stay healthy and to take action to ensure a long life despite the daily damaging exposure to toxic and carcinogenic pollutions and unhealthy food diets.

Detoxification Diet

The simplest way to quick-start the detoxification of your body is to use the Master Cleanse, a lemonade diet.

The Master Cleanse diet has existed for over 60 years now and it was created by Mr. Stanley Burroughs, a devoted and passionate alternative health practitioner and dietician.

Burroughs´ took an early interest in alternative health, starting out as a young man, devoting himself into developing new and unique healing methods. It was a life-long passion and principles he would pursue and follow until his death.

To this day, The Master Cleanser, Stanley Burroughs original work, is read and studied by thousands of people from all over the world as a source for some basic guidance on how the detox and weight loss lemonade diet works.

Clean Out Your Body with Lemon Lemonade

The MC is a pure liquid diet based on a lemon lemonade mix. No solid food is eaten during the whole detox diet process or time period.

Solid food is not part of the diet and should be avoided since the whole point of going through the diet is to reduce the workload of internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, stomach and the large intestines. Also, in addition to reducing the internal organs workload, the diet assists in cleaning out the blood by stimulating the body to expel toxins and other pollutants.

The expulsion of accumulated toxins and bodily waste will be taken care of by the body itself through natural excretion and urination. Apart from this naturally occurring expulsion, the only additional step needed is daily flushing achieved through saltwater flushing and by taking herbal laxatives.

In addition to the removal of accumulated bodily waste and toxins from the body, this overall health method also helps improving your general strength and wellbeing.

Master Cleanse Lemon


Effects and Benefits

Thousands of users and supporters of this diet reports and testifies to the following effects and benefits:

  • Fast weight loss (5-10 pounds average)
  • Common allergies resolved
  • Reduction of inflammation of rheumatic joints such as hands, feet, knees etc.
  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion of food after the detox diet
  • Improved ability for long-term, calorie controlled diet
  • Good overall feeling of health and wellbeing

The positive effects and benefits of this excellent liquid diet will help you start your journey to a healthier life, fitness and weight loss.

Another great thing about the MC diet is that it´s repeatable every month or even every week. It´s entirely up to you. The detox method is safe to use, just make sure to follow the detailed guidelines of this detox diet.

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Prepare for Detox

You must prepare your body before starting the detox diet. If you don´t have any experience with pure liquid diets and natural detoxification we highly recommend that you prepare yourself for the actual detox program by gradually phasing out your ordinary everyday food. Continue with this phase-out for about three days, after which you will be ready to proceed with the cleansing process or detox diet.

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