How to Cure Vitiligo – Helpful Steps

How to Cure Vitiligo

How to Cure Vitiligo: Steps to Help Your Skin Condition

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Leukoderma is a skin condition that is more commonly known as vitiligo. This dermatological health issue is visible when the skin gradually loses its pigmentation and turns white, usually in small patches. Eventually, the patches get bigger and spread to other body parts leading to people searching for how to cure vitiligo. Image Credit: Vitiligo2 Wikimedia Commons

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Unfortunately, there is no permanent vitiligo cure. Those with it will have to make changes to their lifestyle and environment as there is no drug to help. However, there are therapies and other sources that can slow down the process and help deal with it, including UV phototherapy.

It is important to note that this is a therapy that should be carried out by medical professionals for the best effect. Being over-exposed to the UV source could actually make the pigmentation levels worse. Hospitals and clinics with special machines can perform this type of therapy for those looking at how to cure vitiligo naturally.

It is also possible for doctors to recommend agents that are light reactive to help speed up the process. However, it is still important to protect the skin and you should not use this therapy carelessly. Always cover your skin when in the sun with clothes or sunscreen, especially the areas that are affected by the skin condition.

Those with this unique dermatological issue are recommended to use high SPF sunscreen or avoid long periods in the sun. This will help prevent the issue getting worse. Unfortunately, the rays can help but also make vitiligo worse.

When medically supervised, sun and UV exposure can help. When unsupervised you increase the risk of the pigmentation decreasing further and the white patches getting bigger.

How to Cure Vitiligo NaturallyImage Credit: Vitiligo03 Wikimedia Commons

How to Cure Vitiligo Fast with Skin Graft Surgery

When the condition is causing problems due to the location, there is the option of skin grafts. This is a very extreme option for those looking at how to cure vitiligo fast due to the surgery. The surgeon will take the skin from another part of the body and place it on the area that is affected. Most of the time, doctors will stay away from this option but some patients may prefer it if their condition causes social issues and harassment.

The de-pigmentation of the skin is actually quite healthy. It just means that there is no melanin (pigment) being produced. The only reason it could cause adverse problems is if there was another skin condition. It is possible to cover up the problem with makeup but this can cause an allergic reaction, inflammation and make the vitiligo worse.

You should make sure you are not allergic to the cosmetic products before using. A dermatologist can help recommend a good option and even provide you with options to use on your skin.

If you are looking for how to cure vitiligo, don’t be disheartened. While there is no immediate cure, there are options. You can find out more by talking to your doctor or by reading reliable information.

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