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Getting Heartburn Relief During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a precious moment in a woman’s life. Nothing comes close to the joy of taking care of one’s child in the womb, and almost everything that comes with pregnancy is also a reason for celebration. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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However, there will be times when the rapid changes in a woman’s body can cause temporary issues, such as GERD, or acid reflux. If you are suffering from frequent bouts of acid reflux yourself, then here are some tips to help you manage this condition:

Pregnancy Heartburn Relief Management

1.    In the event that acid reflux occurs at night, it is possible that the increased mass in your abdominal area is also increasing the pressure on your stomach. The stomach is naturally acidic and continuously produces hydrochloric acid, a natural digestive component.

When acid is pushed up from the stomach cavity, acid reflux takes place. One of the easiest ways to counter reflux caused by increased abdominal pressure is by sleeping on one’s side. Avoid sleeping without any head support and, if possible, elevate your head by placing wood blocks underneath the mattress itself.

2.    Pregnant women need 500 to 600 calories more than non-pregnant women. However, if a pregnant woman eats too much in one sitting, acid reflux can occur. The solution to this problem is simple: eat more frequently throughout the day, but cut down your portions so you do not end up overindulging. Big meals are an express ticket to painful heartburn in both males and females. The risk of acid reflux is even higher when a woman is pregnant.

3.    Pregnant women tend to urinate more frequently and, for this reason, soon-to-be mommies should be mindful of how much water they are consuming on a daily basis. The eight-cup rule applies to pregnant women and, if you are sweating and urinating a lot, you can safely increase this volume. In the interest of keeping acid reflux at bay, you should never drink large quantities of water, or any kind of beverage, at one time. Sipping half a cup of water every few hours is a good way to introduce liquids into your system, without triggering heartburn.

4.    Find a GERD management tool that works for you. One of the most effective programs that we have used so far is the Heartburn No More Success System. In this system, you will learn all about the foods that you should avoid if you are suffering from long-term or chronic reflux, the ill effects of being too dependent on antacids, how to create the nutritional base for less frequent flare-ups, and so much more.

The Heartburn No More Success System has been geared for both men and women, so if you are a pregnant woman seeking a more natural approach to remedying your GERD, this is probably one of the best resources that you will ever come across. Another great thing about the Heartburn No More Success System is that it’s very easy to understand, and anyone can acquire it online.

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