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Losing weight and staying healthy has become a worldwide obsession in recent years, and it is not difficult to figure out why: people are getting sicker every year because of obesity. Time and time again, medical experts have proven to the world that being overweight directly places a person on the path of chronic, degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. Image Credit: Garcinia mangostana, Hans B. Wikimedia Commons.

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It is fortunate that research in the field of weight loss and fitness never ceases and, every year, more and more potential solutions are found. One of these great solutions was featured recently in the legendary Dr. Oz show.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Pure Fruity Weight Loss Help from The Tropics

The weight loss solution came in the form of a tropical fruit that is found in places such as Indonesia and Africa. This fruit is called garcinia cambogia, and current medical research shows that this particular tropical fruit just might be nature’s answer to the bourgeoning problem of obesity in many countries today.

How does garcinia cambogia help quell excess body weight? The secret lies in its chemical mechanisms when it enters the human body. Garcinia cambogia’s first and most obvious impact is its ability to reduce a person’s natural appetite.

We must remember that appetite is completely different from hunger, because a person can continue eating large quantities of food even if his physiological hunger, or need for nutrition, has already been satisfied. Appetite is controlled by the brain, and it’s influenced by a person’s daily eating patterns. You can develop a different appetite through trial and error, or you can try a natural supplement that contains effective compounds from tropical fruits like garcinia cambogia.

Another interesting benefit of taking garcinia cambogia is it acts as a natural mood regulator. What does this mean? If we look at an overweight individual’s eating pattern, we will notice that the tendency to overeat or consume more than what is needed during a meal often takes place when a person feels angry, sad, depressed, and so on.

In short, a person’s emotions have a strong connection with how much he eats on a daily basis. Garcinia cambogia can help improve a person’s emotional makeup, by increasing the levels of serotonin in a person’s system. When a person’s natural serotonin levels are restored by garcinia cambogia, the person taking the supplement will feel happier and will have a lower risk for overeating again.

In addition to increasing the serotonin in a person’s body, garcinia cambogia can also help reduce cortisol (a chemical compound associated with the stress response in the body). When this chemical is naturally reduced, a person feels more relaxed, and his sleep quality improves in a short period of time. As you may already know, a person’s emotions, outlook, and his health regimen are all important when it comes to weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia addresses the physiological processes that affect a person’s mood, emotions, and eating patterns, and therefore holds the key to true weight loss.

Why? Weight loss is 85% diet and only 25% exercise. It is actually easier to cut down on calories than to burn them off through exercise, so the faster route to weight loss would be to reduce one’s caloric intake on a daily basis.

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