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Being diagnosed with simple fatty liver or NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) might be a little frightening for some people, especially if you think about all the complications that may arise from having a fatty liver in the first place. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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If you are not an alcoholic, and you have been diagnosed with NAFLD, it is possible that you have fatty liver because you are consuming too much food on a daily basis. The most effective treatment for NAFLD is diet and exercise. A fatty liver diet is really just a balanced diet filled with nutritious food. Here are some tips to get you started:

Diet For A Fatty Liver – Tips For A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

1.    Say No to Processed Foods – Supermarket shelves are filled to the brim with processed foods. Cakes, bread, jellies, jams, and all forms of snacks abound, promising a delectable treat for everyone. However, these same processed food items are the main cause of obesity and fatty liver in both adults and children.

Yes, children can get fatty liver, too! The fastest way to lose belly fat and liver fat is to throw away anything that comes in a Styrofoam cup, box, plastic bag, etc.

Anything that can last in your pantry for more than a week is to be considered a “liver fattener” as well, and should be disposed of. This includes cookies, candies, soda pop, etc. Cereals and breads are allowed, as these are staples for breakfast.

Cereals, like oatmeal, have been dried out, which allows them to last longer in your shelf. Processed meat products, like bacon and cooked ham, should also be eliminated from your diet. Canned meat is a big no-no. Canned fruit and vegetables can be used sparingly, if no fresh vegetables and fruits are available.

2.    Fight the Urge to Consume Sugar – Sugar is the century’s leading health killer, and people are not really aware of the consequences of consuming refined sugar on a regular basis.

Sugar has been associated with diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes), high blood pressure, pancreatic disease, and even accelerated tooth decay and ADHD in children.

The effects of prolonged sugar consumption are far-reaching, and there is no clear way to introduce sugar into one’s diet without endangering one’s health.

As for patients with NAFLD, sugar is bad news, because it greatly accelerates deposition of fat in the liver. There is “hidden sugar” in almost every pre-packaged food and beverage in the market.

Tomato catsup, fresh orange juice, bagels, donuts – all of these crowd favorites are filled with sugar or its more insidious brother, HFCS, or high fructose corn syrup.

Always check the “added sugar” content of the foods you are eating, and try to consume foods that have 10 grams or less of added sugar or, if possible, 10 grams or less of total carbohydrates.

3.    Water Works – Water may be the most underrated nutrient in the world. Forget about what people say about water being “too simple”. Simple is all the body needs to function optimally. Drink clear, fresh water every day and avoid soda as much as possible (even diet sodas as these are filled with artificial sweeteners).

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