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Cures for Vitiligo - Vitiligo Hand

Cures for Vitiligo: Different Options to Help Treat Vitiligo

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When a person suffers from vitiligo, their cells that produce pigments (the melanocytes) don’t work properly. The cells die early, causing the skin to turn white. Women and men are both affected equally and it usually starts from 40-years-old.

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However, children can also suffer from this unique health condition and once it starts, it can just get worse over the years. People may find that their condition suddenly disappears but then flares up again a few months later, for no apparent reason.

There are currently no cures for vitiligo that will treat it permanently but there are therapies available to help patients deal with it. These therapies have been quite successful to help add pigmentation back into the skin where the cells have died. One of the most commonly used vitiligo cures is corticosteroid ointment or cream, which is applied directly to the areas affected.

The corticosteroid creams help to reduce the inflammation in the tissue, which often makes the skin condition worse. In fact, the inflammation of the tissue is often the main enemy for those suffering with the issue, so it is always important to reduce it as much as possible.

In fact, some patients find that the tissue inflammation is the reason for vitiligo to start, especially those where it is genetic. It is worth looking after your skin if other family members have it.

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Natural Cures for Vitiligo – 3 Steps

Here are some steps to take to find a vitiligo cure that works for you:

1. Avoid clothes that are tight fitting. These just cause friction that leads to some inflammation of the tissues; often enough to start a flare up of the problem. If you play a sport that required tight clothing or headgear, it may be worth looking into something else. Head gear is linked to the pigmentation dying around the face’s bony structure.

2. Vitiligo that starts at the feet or hands, around the joints, is often linked to stress. Find out your reason for being stressed and take the steps to reduce it in the future. As you become more stressed, you will usually find that the condition just gets worse. If you constantly suffer from stress, the vitiligo will never go away. By keeping your stress levels to a minimum, you could temporarily dissipate the condition.

3. Watch out for skin allergies. These commonly make the problem worse. When looking into cures for vitiligo, check your workplace and home for anything that you may be allergic to. Pollutants and even foods can make it worse! While you may not be able to remove all your allergens, you can reduce the amount they affect you by wearing the right clothing and protective gear, such as long sleeves and face masks. These protect the contact to your skin directly and stop you from breathing in the pollutants. If there is too much in the area, you may want to start looking for somewhere else to work or live!

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