Breastpump – Which One Is Best?

Breastpump - Which is the Best Breastpump?

The Best Breastpump in the Market

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All natural breast milk is still considered the best form of nutrition for babies; this is incontestable, because there is just no substitute for the nutrients and the immunity enhancing advantages of human milk.

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Unfortunately, many modern moms find it difficult to always be available for their babies to nurse, because many moms are working and, logically, there will be many times throughout the day that they won’t be at home to breastfeed their newborn babies.

Many mothers choose to give their infants pure breast milk for at least three months. The best option, if a mother is working and she still wants to give her child breast milk, is to express/extract the breast milk, and store the milk in bottles. The infant will still get the adequate nutrition from the human milk and, at the same time, the mother will be able to carry out her other duties and obligations at home and at work.

A reliable and effective breastpump is the number one companion of any mother who wishes to continue giving her infant natural breast milk, even if she has to go to work on most days.

Best Breastpump Avaliable – Different Types of Breastpumps Explained

There are two types of breastpumps available on the market today. The first one is the traditional, manual breast pump. As the name implies, this type of breast pump uses a purely non-automatic way of extracting the milk from the breasts.

This type of pump is recommended for mothers who have adequate milk supply, and have no trouble at all in expressing their milk. Many moms choose manual breast pumps because they are cheaper, and they can easily be replaced when parts have become worn from use.

The newer models on the market today are manufactured with durable silicone-based parts, so it is actually quite difficult for anyone to wear down the actual pump to the point that the apparatus becomes completely unusable.

Now, what can you use if you are having trouble expressing a sufficient amount of milk through a manual breast pump? Your other option is an automatic breast pump or an electric breastpump. Automatic breast pumps or electric breastpumps have considerably larger assemblies, because everything is automatic. The suction is powered by a machine, while the pump is plugged into a wall socket. If you are travelling, you can put batteries in the unit to operate it independently of an outlet power source.

The biggest advantage of automatic breast pumps is that everything is done for you. You just wear the suctioning cup, and wait for the bottle/s to fill. The downside is that this kind of breast pump is definitely bulkier than manual breast pumps, and you may have second thoughts about bringing it with you are planning on travelling long distances with your infant.

What is the best type of breast pump? Only you can answer this question, because it really depends on your specific needs and budget. Manual breast pumps have been around for a very long time, and they are constantly being improved. Automatic breast pumps offer a unique convenience that cannot be provided by a manual breast pump; you don’t have to do the squeezing yourself anymore.

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