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Comfort and Natural Rhythms with the Ameda Breastpump

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Have you been looking for a powerful, streamlined, yet budget-friendly breast pump? If you are, know that you are not limited to the older brands on the market. If you want an automatic breastpump that combines the best features of the older brands in a great package that is easy on the pocket, you will love the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump. Image Credit/Image License: Company.

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This great automatic breastpump marks Ameda’s entry into this very competitive market and, judging by the actual reviews of users around the country and around the globe, Ameda has done a splendid job in designing a powerful machine with a relatively modest price tag. Are you excited to learn more about this great new device? Here are the best advantages of the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump:

Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump

1. The Ameda breastpump was designed to aid mothers who require a powerful and speedy breastpump, in order to allow them to collect a significant amount of breast milk so their babies don’t have to drink formula milk, even if the mom has to go back to work.

The Ameda design focuses on power as well as portability so if you are travelling and you have trouble breastfeeding, this breast pump is an idea companion if you are driving with the kids, or if you are flying frequently from one city to another.

2. Is the Ameda breastpump comfortable? Fortunately, the answer is yes, because the manufacturer has also paid close attention to the design of the breast shield; you won’t have to worry about soreness or chaffing when using this device to express and collect milk.

One of the most interesting innovations that the Ameda breastpump brings to the table is the varying rhythm patterns that are employed throughout the device’s lifetime to mimic the changing suckling patterns of infants. This ensures that optimal stimulation is given whenever the mother is expressing milk, yielding to better results and more milk collected every time the Ameda breastpump is used.

3. The Ameda breastpump is free of bisphenol A, or BPA, which makes it extremely safe for your precious newborn baby. Bisphenol A has been proven to be toxic to humans in general, and is now being banned in many countries around the world. The Ameda brand responded immediately to the requirement of health departments around the world, and has also taken the necessary steps to ensure that this chemical never finds its way to the plastic parts of Ameda breastpumps.

4. Are you worried about milk spraying into the parts of the breast pump that is not supposed to hold milk? Older breast pump models are often plagued with this problem – not the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump.

The manufacturer has actually integrated a new design called the HygienKit system, which ensures that milk will never reach the pump itself. So, all the milk that is expressed when this device is used will go straight to the bottles and never into the air tubes and pump.

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