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In 2012 it was estimated that, worldwide, the video game industry made a total of sixty-six billion dollars of revenue from sales. The freemium model that is now being employed extensively in PC games and mobile gaming has given video games a much needed lift at a time when video games were competing with so many other forms of personal entertainment.

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This can only be good news for many aspiring video game professionals who are willing to do anything just to get into the industry. One of the fastest ways that you can penetrate the video game industry is by applying for a game testing position.

Obviously, since game tester jobs are a relatively low-level position, there will be lots of competition, so expect others to be vying for the same job as you. However, this doesn’t mean that you do not stand a chance at all with the competition.

This just means that you need the right information in order to stand out from the others who are offering the same thing to independent game studios and large gaming companies.

In order to thrive in the gaming industry, you have to be passionate, driven, and consistent with your performance, no matter how hard it might seem in the beginning. This type of professional drive will separate the keepers from those who are “not quite there” yet.

Video Game Tester Jobs – Work Hard, Play Hard

What do game testers actually do? Do they play video games all day long while eating pizza and drinking soda? Do game studios have a special air-conditioned room for game testers so they can spend the day just being plain lazy? These images are completely false, and can get you into a lot of trouble if you start believing in them.

Firstly, game testers are treated just like any other employee in a gaming studio. You will not be given any special treatment. If anything, there will be a lot of pressure in the beginning just to see if you can really do the job. Game studios typically do not have any time for people who are not willing to put in the necessary work to produce target results.

What do game companies expect when a game tester sits down to work? Plenty of output, honestly speaking. You can’t just play video games all day long and expect to earn $80-$100 a day. Game companies will require you to submit bug reports on a regular basis.

Bug reports should be detailed, accurate, and most importantly, the bugs that you have found should be reproducible. If you, or other quality assurance staffers, cannot reproduce or even see a hint of the bugs that you are reporting, you will have a tough time impressing your project managers.

Quality assurance is all about discovering bugs that would have otherwise escaped the programmers or hard coders. As a member of quality assurance personnel, you will not be responsible for coding and repairing bugs. That job is delegated to a completely distinct department that is separate from quality assurance. However, you have to be persistent when reporting bugs so they will consider you as a true asset.

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