Skin Whitening Tips – Whiten Your Skin Naturally

Skin Whitening Tips – Whiten Your Skin Naturally - Expert Skin Whitening Tips for Everyone

Expert Skin Whitening Tips for Everyone

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Do you want to whiten your skin without exposing your body to harsh chemicals and snake oil remedies that will only drain your wallet? If you said yes, then this is probably one of the best things you will read today because we’re going to share with you some professional tips on whitening your skin. You might be surprised at how easy skin whitening can be, and how effectively you can accomplish it in the comfort of your home, with natural methods. Let’s start! Follow these skin whitening tips and Go White Fast! Image Credit: Beautiful faces, tommerton2010, flickr.

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Natural Skin Whitening TipsImage Credit: Beautiful faces, tommerton2010, flickr.

Natural Skin Whitening Tips

1. Ever wondered why buttermilk is great for growing kids? It’s packed with nutrients and natural fats, which is perfect for children who are still growing in height and building lots of new muscle tissue through the years.

Buttermilk is not only good for the bones and muscles – it is also excellent for whitening the skin! You can apply buttermilk on your face, hands, or even soak your feet in it.

Lactic acid, which is naturally present in buttermilk and regular milk, has the capacity to lighten and soften the skin. This is the main reason why many manufacturers use milk in skin care products – because it acts directly on the skin and produces glowing results.

2. Jojoba oil has been used for centuries to renew and rejuvenate tired skin. Licorice extract, on the other hand, has natural pigment-inhibiting compounds that reduce the production of melanin once it is applied topically.

When you combine these two effective skin remedies, you will get naturally lighter skin in about 2-3 weeks. To create your own mix at home, you will need 1 teaspoon of licorice extract for every 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil.

Feel free to increase the volume of jojoba oil to dilute the licorice extract further. As always, it’s best to test the new mixture by dapping a small quantity on your arm and leaving it there for a few hours.

If redness or irritation occurs, do not apply it on your face, as you are allergic to one or both ingredients. This allergy test should be a standard practice when you are trying out both natural and commercial skin whitening remedies. Don’t just slather stuff on your face without testing it on the skin on your arm first!

3. If you do not like the idea of using oils on your skin regularly and leaving them on for half an hour or so, you may want to try alternative plant extracts to whiten your skin.

A good option in this situation is to use raw papaya extract and freshly squeezed lemon juice. You will need three or four raw papayas (the biggest ones you can find) and two big lemons. Slice the raw papayas and place them in a food processor to separate the pulp and the juice.

You can also use a commercial juicer to obtain the juice of both the lemons and raw papayas. Combine the two juices and apply the resulting concoction to parts of your skin that you wish to lighten. Use cotton balls to gently apply the whitening solution to your skin.

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