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Natural Skin Care Routine

Natural Skin Care Routine 101

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Are you tired of buying one cream after another in your search for that one product that will make your unique skin smoother and clearer? Well, today is a good time to stop your search, because what we are about to reveal to you today will eliminate the need to buy unnecessary skin care products. Image Credit: Creative Commons / Google Images – Labeled for reuse with modification.

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In Natural Skin Care Routine 101 we are going to share with you the best skin care tips that will help transform your skin for good. Are you ready to enjoy young and supple skin? Let’s start!

Skin Care Routine – The Natural WayImage Credit: Creative Commons / Google Images – Labeled for reuse with modification.

Skin Care Routine – The Natural Way

1.    People generally buy more cleansers than any other skin care product on the market. This means that people are exposed most frequently to different chemicals added to commercial cleansers. If you want to keep your skin younger-looking, you have to be more selective about what type of cleanser you use in the long term. Try to find pH balanced, mild cleansers that will only remove dirt and only a small amount of natural oil from the face. Your face needs natural oils in order to look moist and supple. If you use harsh cleansers that strip the skin of oils on contact, the skin on your face will end up looking dry and irritated.

2.    If you are tired of dealing with skin irritation after applying lotions and emollients, it may be time to seek out fragrance-free alternatives. Fragrances are often added to make a skin care product smell good, but the chemicals used to mask the real smell of a preparation can cause symptoms such as pruritus and local inflammation. Fragrance-free skin care products can easily eliminate problems associated with sensitivity to fragrances. Additionally, some chemicals used to impart fragrance to lotions and creams have not been thoroughly tested for safety. So, to avoid any long-term health issues, just say no to perfumed skin care products.

3.    Our skin is capable of absorbing more than 50% of the compounds and chemicals that it comes into contact with. If water is present, the percentage of effective absorption goes up even higher. It’s not true that our skin is completely watertight. It absorbs as much as it repels. So, with this in mind, I want you to pay more attention to what skin care products actually provide for you when you apply them on your skin. You will notice immediately that most commercial products provide only one or two benefits. Instead of patronizing such skin care products, seek out alternative products that introduce vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the skin, too. This way, your skin will get more out of its exposure to these products.

4.    Is it possible to stimulate the skin to improve blood circulation? Yes. All you need is a brush with soft, natural bristles. All you have to do is to pass the bristles across your skin repeatedly to encourage increased blood flow. This is called dry exfoliation, and it can actually be very relaxing if done properly. Feel free to repeat this process daily.

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