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Gray Hair – Premature Graying Reasons & Options

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Are you suffering from prematurely graying hair? If you are, know that you are among millions of people around the world who are suffering from the exact same predicament. Prematurely graying hair is often caused by the unique genetic predisposition to the condition.

If your mom and pop both have gray hair, then you probably have the genes for the trait as well. If the cause of the graying hair is genetic, then there’s not much you can do to reverse it, apart from dyeing your hair.

The good news is that if you have the genetic predisposition for gray hair, then your hair strands are probably just as healthy as the hair strands of the next guy/girl of the same age. The only difference is that your hair doesn’t have a lot of pigment or melanin to color it.

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Causes of Gray Hair and Gray Hair Management

If you are the only one in your family who has prematurely graying hair, then it’s possible that other factors are causing your hair to go gray. A common trigger (if genetic predisposition has been ruled out completely) is too much stress. Stress at home or stress from work is equally toxic to the body, and graying hair may be a signal to you that you have to start managing your stress more intelligently.

The core of stress management is really simple: if you can, solve the problem causing the stress or remove yourself completely from the environment filled with stressors.

The next common cause of graying hair is lifestyle. If you generally have an unhealthy lifestyle, then that causes physiological stress, and that in turn can cause sudden symptoms.

If you think you have an unhealthy lifestyle, then it’s time to re-examine your daily habits so you can see which ones are harming your body the most. Resolve bad habits, and you can be sure that the prematurely graying hair will begin to slow its pace down.

You may even be rewarded with slowly darkening hair! At the very least, a lifestyle change will slow down graying hair caused by unhealthy habits.

The third common cause of graying hair is vitamin and mineral deficiency. The fastest way to fill the micronutrient gaps in your diet is by taking a multivitamin pill/capsule every day. Ask your doctor about which brand will be best for your general needs, with your graying hair in mind as well.

Now, many people consider graying hair a problem because it makes them look old – too old in fact. Gray hair is often mistaken for pure white hair, and for people who have had naturally dark hair before, the gradual transition can be traumatic.

There is no denying that your hair is graying, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. Ask your hairdresser about the best way to use hair dyes to mask, or at least reduce, the emphasis on your grey hair. Hair dye may not sound attractive at first, but you will soon see how easily it can solve your issues with gray hair.

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