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Taking care of one’s skin is of paramount importance, especially today when air toxin levels are high, and people’s skin is prematurely aging because of overexposure to pollution. Image Credit: Best Moisturizing Face Mask 2,

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If you want to look absolutely gorgeous later in life, you have to start taking care of your unique skin now. In an ideal world, those beauty products, like creams and moisturizers, would actually help you preserve the skin that you have now.

Unfortunately, it has been proven that some of the more common synthetic ingredients added to the most common beauty products, such as face masks, are actually toxic to our skin.

This means that you keep using commercial beauty products; your skin is actually going to age faster, because of the components being added to the natural ingredients. Today we are going to share with you some recipes that can easily be prepared at home and, trust us, you will love the results!

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Homemade Facial Mask – The Lovely Carrot Face Mask

Do you love face masks? If you do, you are going to love our feature recipe “The Lovely Carrot Face Mask”. For this recipe you will need 1 large egg (whipped), 1 large carrot (softened and blended in a food processor to a chunky consistency, 4 tbsps. of fresh honey, half a cup of regular cooking cream, and 1 large avocado (blended to a fine consistency in a food processor).

To create the “Lovely Carrot Face Mask”, simply combine the carrot, egg, honey, cream, and avocado in a large non-reactive bowl, and mix together using a plastic or wooden spatula. Fold the ingredients over each other until they are well-combined.

Once the ingredients are mixed well, get a dollop and apply to the whole of your face. You may also apply the Love Carrot Face mask to your nape and neck if you wish. Even out the face mask, and let it do its magic for at least twenty minutes.

When the twenty minutes is up, simply rinse off the mask with cool water, and pat your face and neck dry with a soft towel. Do not rub your skin after rinsing it with water! Rubbing creates unnecessary friction on the surface of the skin, damaging it without you knowing it.

Now, if you are having trouble with fine lines around the eyes, you need some heavy back up from nature’s skin expert: aloe vera. Get half a cucumber (blend the cucumber first in a food processor first until you get a chunky consistency), and half a cup of pure aloe vera juice or pulpy gel.

Combine the two ingredients and apply a generous amount around your eyes. The consistency of aloe vera does not really change, even if you add cucumber to it, so expect this special aloe eye gel to be cool and slippery. Allow the natural eye gel to do its work for at least a quarter of an hour. Feel free to apply some on top of your eyes (just close your eyelids of course). Wash off the solution with lots of water and again, pat dry (don’t rub your skin!).

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