Ahh Bra Complaints – Issues and Resolutions

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The Ahh Bra Complaints: What Are They?

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If you’ve never seen one of the Ahh Bra infomercials on TV, you’ll likely be skeptical of the product at first. It takes time to go through the product reviews and forums to find out how other women rate the new bra by Rhonda Shear. Image Credit: Company

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When you do find the information, you need to look at the main concerns. You need to find the main Ahh Bra complaints. For example, some women complain that the bra isn’t suitable for those with larger chests; something that Rhonda Shear admits could be a problem if your bra size isn’t on the conventional size charts.

So, what can you do if you have a larger chest size? You want a bra that is supportive and fits to your shape perfectly. If you do have a larger sizing, you may need to look for alternative options that are designed for the larger cup size. Those within the A to DD cup size will usually find that the support they gain is perfect.

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Among the complaints is how sheer the material is. The bra is designed as an undergarment. It isn’t designed for wearing on its own. The sheer material is necessary to offer the support that women want but be versatile at the same time. Those who would like to wear it without something over the top will need to wear another one to add extra material. The second layer helps to cover up the fact that the material is so see-through.

Another common complaint from women is how the support is not the same when taking wired bras into consideration. This isn’t just due to larger busts but due to heavier ones, where the bosom needs the extra support.

Bras with underwire have the extra framework inside the lace and cloth. There is no wiring with the Ahh Bra, since it is designed for support throughout the day and night. This new bra is uniquely designed with the idea that no bulges will appear, which is what the wiring causes.

Some reviewers complained about the sweat. Some women found that they would sweat while wearing the bra but this is possibly due to getting the wrong size. If you buy one that it is too small, it will constrict your body and cause it to overheat and sweat. It is important to buy the right size to gain the most benefits.

In fact, one reviewer mentioned that people should buy the size up from their normal one. This allows the bra to contract and expand around the body so that it supports it better and helps to show off your curves. It is always worth a try if sweating is an issue.

Many of the Ahh Bra complaints surround fitting issues. Before ordering, check your size and make sure you order the right one. If you are in doubt, order two with one a size up so you can see which one fits you more comfortably and offers more support.

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