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Casio Solar Watch: The Pro Trek Advantage

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If you are in the market for a rugged, yet dependable, watch that can draw and store solar power wherever you may be, you definitely have to see what the Pro Trek PRW2500 has to offer. This luxurious, yet durable, titanium watch from Casio (a non-contestable world leader in watches) features a handsome dark silver bezel and a sturdy titanium strap, fit for anyone who truly values his time.

The PRW2500 is a best-in-class adventure watch that can run on solar power alone: guaranteed. This special Pro Trek model was molded by Casio’s long experience in the international watch market, as well as by professional meteorologists who wanted the world to witness the Big Change in the way watches are used by people on the go. Are you curious about what the Pro Trek PRW2500 has in store for its owners? Here is a taste of the great benefits of using the PRW2500:

1. Getting your bearings when you are in the great outdoors is extremely important, especially if you don’t want to spend the night in a hostile environment, far from camp.

That’s why Casio has integrated a powerful and dependable built-in compass to the PRW2500. With just one glance you will know exactly which direction you are heading. A compass is handy wherever you may be; don’t underestimate its value, especially if you are using maps and trekking guides.

Maps and other directional imagery are only useful if you can get accurate bearings. The PRW2500 will help you achieve this, and it will also help keep you on track in any rugged environment.

Be at ease knowing that the PRW2500 was even designed to withstand a depth of 656 feet of water. So, even if the PRW2500 accidentally goes overboard, it will still be fully functional by the time you are able to retrieve it.

2. Are you tired of watches that do not even provide accurate time? The Pro Trek PRW2500 is different from other watches in its class because it has been manufactured with an atomic timing system.

As you may already know, the most accurate clocks in the world are atomic clocks; the same principles are used in every PRW2500 released to the market. Forget about clumsy adjustments to your timepiece, and let the PRW2500 get the proper time for you.

This watch is classified as a multi-band receiver, which means it can easily acquire the exact time in specific zones via radio signals. To date, the PRW2500 can receive a total of five international radio signals for extra-accurate timekeeping. The watch will receive, process, and display the radio signals automatically.

3. Are you worried about high tides and dangerous swells? You can now adequately prepare for these occurrences when you reference the PRW2500’s built-in tide graph. The tide graph will display tide levels for you, so you can analyze the trend in a particular area. Tide trends are extremely important, especially if you are travelling in unfamiliar waters.

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