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SportDOG Collar Rechargeable NoBark 10 R Bark Control Collar

SportDOG Collar for Better Bark Control and Training

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Are you looking for an effective bark deterrent and shock collar that doesn’t make mistakes? Are you tired of bark collars that seem to work only 50% of the time? If you are, you are in for a definite treat, because we will go through and talk about the major benefits of using the SportDOG bark collar No Bark 10R.

The SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar is unique and different from all the other bark collars on the market because it is intelligently manufactured, and was designed in such a way that it will only react when two specific inputs, or triggers, are detected by the device itself.

You see, bark collars are often equipped with audio sensors that react either to the vibration around the neck region where the collar is located, or to the actual sound of barking. The problem with other bark collars is they can only detect one type of trigger. So, if a bark collar will only react to the sound of barking, the barking of other dogs in the immediate proximity of your dog will trigger the deterrent function of the bark collar.

Poor dog! Your dog will be punished even if it has done nothing wrong. That is the problem with commonplace bark collars.

The SportDOG shock collar, training collar and bark control collar No Bark 10R is able to avoid this problem completely because it requires two specific triggers before it is activated: the vibrations around the neck, and the sound of the bark. That way, your dog will not receive corrective action just because some other dog in the vicinity is barking.

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The SportDOG Bark Collar Features

Here are some other great features of the SportDOG No Bark collar 10R:

–    SportDOG No Bark 10R’s effect is immediate. Excessive barking is corrected immediately, and the dog is able to understand that his behavior is undesirable. Over time, the collar perfects the dog’s behavior until the animal no longer requires the assistance of the SportDOG Collar.

–    The SportDOG No Bark 10R is rechargeable, which means you won’t have order expensive batteries again and again when the power runs out. Just plug-in to any 110V wall outlet and in a few hours your SportDOG No Bark 10R will be ready to go once again.

–    Unlike ordinary bark collars, the SportDOG No Bark 10R is waterproof, and can withstand submersion in water for up to twenty-five feet. This feature is excellent for dogs who like playing in the water. There is no need to take the fun out of your dog’s life just because he is wearing a corrective bark collar!

–    The SportDOG No Bark 10R will flash a low battery signal light when the power is about to be cut short. Just plug-in the collar to recharge – no need to buy additional batteries for this product during its lifetime.

–    You will have the chance to choose from a total of 10 different correction levels with the SportDOG collar No Bark 10R. The lowest setting can be used on dogs that respond and behave themselves immediately at the slightest twinge of discomfort. The highest level can be used in emergency situations where you have lost control of the animal completely.

SportDOG collars really offers you a top quality, modern, innovative and efficient bark control collar and training collar. One of the best bark collars on the market. A SportDOG collar truly is Deluxe.

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