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Time to Make Your Own Sushi the Easy Way

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Do you love sushi so much that you actually want to make it at home? Crafting delectable sushi rolls is one of the most attainable culinary goals because the ingredients for sushi are widely available and the skills needed to create sushi can be learned by anyone.

If you are thinking that only expert sushi chefs can make nigiris and California makis, think again. Even a thirteen-year-old can do it with the right knowledge! The type of sushi that we are all familiar with is the Tokyo-style sushi that consists of nori (a single sheet of edible seaweed), rice, and fish. In its most basic form, a sushi only has these three main ingredients.

Of course, you can add additional wet and dry ingredients such as additional seafood, dips, wasabi, etc. In the end, homemade sushi is superior to restaurant sushi because you will have more control over the ingredients. Now, let’s talk about the things you have to learn in order to make good sushi.


How To Make Your Own Sushi – Make Good Sushi

The first thing you have to tackle is equipment and tools. You need to invest in a rice cooker (for obvious reasons) and in a durable sushi mat. There are cheap sushi mats in the market, but if you want something that will last for more than a few months, I suggest you buy something heftier and from a better-known brand.

You can also invest in plastic sushi molds if you are anxious about shaping individual sushi pieces yourself. Professional sushi chefs use their hands of course, but since you are making sushi for yourself at home there is definitely no harm in using sushi molds to speed up the process. If you are planning on making sushi rolls, it is highly recommended that you invest in a sharp sashimi-hocho, or sushi knife.

Having a sushi knife handy will ensure that the rice will not collapse when you slice through the sushi roll. Sushi knives are pre-sharpened prior to sale. However, after a few uses you can expect some signs of dulling. Use a commercial blade sharpener to keep your sushi knife in top condition.

Let’s talk about sushi rolls and how to make them properly. The first thing you have to know about sushi rolls is that the ingredients of the sushi have to be balanced and in precise quantities so the nori sheet will not be overfilled. If you overfill the nori sheet, you will not be able to roll and compress the sushi roll, even if you do have a sushi mat. Whenever possible, measure the ingredients carefully before adding to the sushi mat.

When rolling the sushi mat, always roll from the bottom going upward. Do not let the nori sheet roll ahead of the sushi mat. Use your fingers to lock the nori sheet to the upper corners of the mat before rolling. When the bottom region of the nori sheet reaches the upper region, you can begin compressing the roll so that all of the ingredients will adhere to one another.

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