How to Make Sushi Rolls – Tokyo-Style Sushi

How to Make Sushi Rolls Like a Pro

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If you are like us, you probably have a long-standing love affair with Tokyo-style sushi and you just can’t get enough of the lovely flavors that these “fast food” items have to offer. Sometimes, the craving results in thoughts like “can I actually make sushi at home?”

If you have asked yourself this question in the past, we have a definite answer for you right now: yes, it can be done! Making sushi rolls at home is actually quite simple once you master the basics. Here is a step-by-step guide for making these delectable rice and fish rolls:

Making Sushi Rolls – Rice, Fish and Vegetables

1.    First, prepare your sushi mat by placing an equally-sized plastic wrap on top of it. Never use a sushi mat on its own, without placing a plastic food wrap on top of it first. Clean up will be very difficult and you will probably end up buying another sushi mat when you want to make another batch of sushi rolls.


2.    Get a nori seaweed sheet and fold the sheet in half. Tuck away the other half in its original container – you will be able to use this later. Make sure you handle the nori seaweed sheet with clean, dry hands so it won’t spoil when you put it back in its container.

3.    Place the nori seaweed sheet on top of the covered sushi mat. Spoon the required amount of Japanese rice onto the lower half of the nori sheet. Make sure that you place the rice on the left side first. When all of the rice has been placed on top of the sheet, gently spread the rice so that the rice looks like an inverted triangle with most of the rice near the middle of the sheet.

4.    Add any required seasoning like wasabi on top of the inverted triangle of rice. Use your fingertips or a spoon to spread the seasoning on top of the rice. Sushi chefs usually trace a straight line when adding flavorings and seasonings to sushi rolls so that each piece of sushi will have the same volume.

5.    Place the additional ingredients on top of the rice. Spoon the additional ingredients evenly so that each piece will have an equal share and ‘no piece is left behind’ in terms of ingredients.

6.    When all of your ingredients have been placed on top of the rice, begin rolling. Start with the edge that is closest to you and simply roll the whole thing forward using your sushi mat. Be sure to support the nori sheet while rolling it with the sushi mat. The goal is to roll the lower edge of the nori sheet so that it will eventually meet the upper edge. As you can already imagine, you have to roll the rice evenly so that there won’t be a lot of space in between. Once the two edges of the nori sheet meet, use your fingertips to compact the sushi roll. Your sushi roll is done!

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