Coed Baby Shower Games – Gender Neutral Fun

Coed Baby Shower Games: Have Fun x 2 in Baby Showers!

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Traditionally, baby showers are comprised primarily of female guests, because moms-to-be often invite close friends/best friends and these individuals tend to be female.

Some baby showers do have mixed guests (both male and female guests are present); however, these events tend to be rare, because most guys shy away from the idea of presenting gifts to a pregnant mom-to-be.

If you have been looking for games that are ideal for coed baby showers, look no further. Below are some handpicked baby shower games that you will surely love.

Pick the ones you like, and tweak them as necessary. Yes, you are most certainly allowed to modify the games depending on your actual requirements during the baby shower.

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The Golden Book of Baby Shower Games eBook

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Catchers & Shooters – This is probably the simplest baby shower game we know because all you will need is any kind of basket and a toy ball. Divide your guests or players into two teams. One team will be the “catchers” while the other team will be the “shooters”.

When the game commences, one member from each team will come up front. The first team will try to shoot the toy ball into the basket or container. The other team on the other hand will move around to avoid the toy ball. The catcher is not allowed to cover the mouth or opening of the basket.

She is only allowed to move around. Hiding the basket behind one’s back is also not allowed. The shooter will be given sixty seconds to try and score. If a score is made, 1 point is awarded to the shooters team. If the catchers team successfully avoids the toy ball for sixty seconds, they get the prize.

The Genius – “The Genius” is an exciting game that requires two players at a time. At least two teams are needed for this game as well. Write the names of places, objects, and anything else under the sun on strips of paper.

For example, you can write words like “George Washington”, “Florida”, “snow”, “laptop”, or even “iPad Air”. Here’s how the game works: the game master will attach the strip of paper on the forehead of the first player, who is seated.

Opposite the first player is the second player, who will only answer yes or no questions. The first player should not be able to see the word/s written on the strip of paper on his forehead.

If the first player is able to guess the word/s on his forehead within two minutes, that is one point for their team. Another pair from the opposing team will come in front once two minutes are up.

Use a bell or a timer to signal the end of 120 seconds. There are two ways to award prizes in this game. You can award prizes to the pair that is able to answer correctly or you can tally the scores of both teams. Here’s a sample of what would happen during the game:

(The word is “oranges”)

P1: Is it a vegetable?
P2: No!
P1: Is it a piece of clothing?
P2: No, no!
P1: Is it a fruit?
P2: Yes!!
P1: Is it a citrus fruit?
P2. Yes!!!
P1: Is the word “oranges”?
P2: YES!

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