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Can Anyone Learn To Sing - Gryff Rhys Welsh Male Singer-Songwriter

Can Anyone Learn To Sing Properly?

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Can anyone learn how to sing the way the pros do? Is there hope for beginners who wish to learn the proper way of singing? The answer fortunately is yes, anyone can learn how to sing!

Singing is something that any man or woman can learn if they have the passion or desire for it. Here are some expert guidelines to ensure that you will be able to sing your heart out… like an expert! Image Credit: Gryff Rhys Welsh Singer-Songwriter, Aaronsc, Wikipedia.

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Learning To Sing – Expert Guidelines

1. What many people don’t know is that the whole body can be used to project sound waves. It’s not just your mouth that is doing all the work when you are singing.

Your chest, abdominal region, and even your face are all working together to transmit the sound that your voice box is generating. This is the main reason why you should have proper posture whenever you sing.

There are two effective ways to fix your posture: by sitting on a big stability ball and by standing against a wall. When you stand against a wall, you should balance your weight on the three points of the feet (two near the toes and on the sole).

The back of your head should lightly touch the wall. Now, if you like the idea of using a big stability ball/yoga ball, simply sit on the stability ball and balance your weight so the majority of your weight is supported by your hips.

Poor posture will make you fall off the ball – period. There is simply no way that you can sit on a big stability ball without developing good posture.

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2. The next thing that you should develop is proper breathing. Proper breathing requires deep, abdominal breathing, and proper posture. Your lungs should be filled with air whenever you sing verses.

You can accomplish this by taking one-second breaths, and by learning how to hold your breath to help regulate the exhalation phase. In order to breathe properly, you simply have to visualize your lungs as a pair of balloons.

When you inhale using your abdominal muscles, imagine your lungs filling up completely. When you exhale, leave about fifty percent of air in your lungs.

This is the mid-phase and, at this point, you should find a way to breathe in once again. The last phase is completely empty balloons. You can only afford to have “empty balloons” if there is a long break in the music where you can really catch your breath.

3. If you want to improve your unique vocal quality, you have to be honest with yourself when it’s time to analyze your actual output. So, whenever you sing, it is best if you actually record yourself. You can listen and analyze where you can improve.

It also helps if you ask someone else to listen to you sing. Any kind of feedback would be helpful at this point. When you receive negative feedback, try to find out why the negative feedback was given in the first place.

You are probably lacking something in the technique department, so once you have identified the technical error you’ve committed, you are set to perform better next time.

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