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Bonsai Trees for Beginners - Eurya Bonsai

Bonsai 101: Bonsai Trees for Beginners

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Taking care of a bonsai tree for the first time can become a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you don’t know how to maintain your miniature tree properly. Image Credit: Eurya, 1970-2007, ( Eurya (Eurya emarginata) bonsai on display at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum at the United States National Arboretum),Ragesoss, Wikimedia Commons.

Sadly, many promising artists give up on the unique bonsai art just because they have lost a tree or two. Many people don’t know that bonsai trees die for very simple reasons, such as over-watering or under-watering. You can avoid this type of situation by following these essential guidelines:

Bonsai Tree for Beginners - Japanese Needle PineImage Credit: Goyo-matsu (Japanese Five Needle Pine) Bonsai Museum, Norio NAKAYAMA,

Bonsai Tree for Beginners – Essential Guidelines

1.    The best type of soil for bonsai trees is an equal mix of coarse and fine soil particles. Do not buy soil that is 100% fine or 100% coarse. There must be balance between the two categories, so that the resulting mix will be able to hold water efficiently, but not so much the roots of the bonsai tree will rot from overexposure to water.

2.    If you have zero experience working with trees or plants, do not attempt to create a bonsai tree from seed. Cuttings or nursery stock are best for beginners, because you will only be concerned with maintaining the plant.

3.    Treating your bonsai tree’s soil with a mild fungicide will help prolong its life. Fungicide should not be applied directly. Instead, add a small amount of the fungicide solution to your watering can, so it will be diluted before being applied to the soil.

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4.    Bonsai trees should be kept outdoors most of the time, and should only be brought in for viewing. If you want to keep your bonsai trees indoors most of the time, makes sure that you place them near a window where there is plenty of sunlight.

5.    Ask your bonsai dealer or a horticulturist before reducing the size of your tree’s leaves. Some trees are fine with this practice, while some are not. Foliage is important aesthetically, so there will be times when leaf cutting becomes necessary. However, not all trees can tolerate leaf cutting.

6.    Ramification, or developing the complex network of twigs on a miniature tree, should be done methodically. Always remember that the new growth will follow the direction of the cut. If the cut is facing north, the new growth will also shoot up in that direction.

7.    When reducing the size of a root mass, try to pare away the bigger, woodier roots. Smaller, more delicate feeder structures should only be removed if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, leave them on the root mass.

When nursery stock is transplanted for the first time, it will also need some wiring to prevent the miniature tree from leaning back or sideways. Thick wiring will help stabilize the tree. The wiring should run from the base of the pot, around the base of the tree, and up to the midpoint of the trunk.

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