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Have you been looking for a compact and stylish pressure cooker for your kitchen? One of the best brands on the market today that offers dependable and stylish pressure cookers is Fagor, and today we are going to shine a light on one of the most popular offerings from this brand: the Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker.

The Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker combines style, compact size, and versatility because it can be used for a variety of tasks with ease. Use it for pressurized frying, stewing, and even canning. Here are the best advantages when using this model:

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Advantages

1.    Cook lots of food in half the time – The Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker can cook up to eight quarts of food easily, and will not overflow even if it is filled to the max level for water.

If you need to steam vegetables for healthier meals, simply place the steamer pot and your vegetables will be cooked to perfection. Only a small amount of water is needed to efficiently cook a lot of vegetables in a very short period of time. This is the magic of pressure cookers – just leave them on for a few minutes and the job is done!

2.    Safety and durability – Nothing beats stainless steel when it comes to pressure cookers. And, even though the Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker looks like something that came out of a stylish model kitchen, it is as tough as a rock with 18/10 steel. Use it for large cuts of meat, and it can withstand heat and pressure as well as its much larger counterparts. Cook with ease knowing that your well-designed Fargo pressure cooker can deal with the rigors of pressurized cooking like a pro.

3.    Long warranty – Fagor takes its products seriously, and nothing spells quality like a long warranty. Fagor holds itself responsible for the performance of your Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker for a whole decade. Buy with confidence and cash in on the long warranty – you will be happy that you chose Fagor!

4.    Cleans easily – Other pressure cookers can malfunction if placed under an open tap. Don’t worry about those things, because every part of your Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker can be placed in a dishwasher. No scouring or wiping after cooking – leave those things to the machine, and start enjoying the extra free time that you gained by using a pressure cooker to prepare your meals.

5.    Time efficient – Based on actual cooking tests, using a pressure cooker like the Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker can help cut down your cooking time by as much as seventy percent.

So, if you normally spend three hours cooking a hearty beef recipe you will be able to save a whopping two hours when you use a pressure cooker.

Imagine being able to shave off a total of 120 minutes or more when tenderizing large quantities of beef, pork, and chicken. Cooking healthier meals in advance just became easier. Let your cooking imagination fly with the Fagor Duo Stainless Pressure Cooker!

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