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When a person sets out to buy a compact refrigerator, he is actually making a statement: he wants the comforts of home wherever he may be.

This is the main reason why many college students want compact refrigerators in their dorm rooms. It’s convenient, and it really is comforting if you can get a chilled can of soda or a bottle of cold water whenever you feel like it.

If you have limited space, but still want the best of what compact fridges have to offer, then you may want to check out the newest addition to the Danby line of compact fridges: the Danby DAR195BL Compact All-Refrigerator. Here are the best features of this great new compact fridge that was really built to please:

Compact Refrigerator by Danby – Best Features

1. The Danby DAR195BL was made with your needs in mind. It features a unique, cube design that opens like an upright refrigerator. Normally, cube-type compact fridges only open from the top, as in the case of chest freezers.

But in the case of the Danby DAR195BL, the door was installed in front, so you can open the fridge easily and you can find things more quickly as well. Having an upright compact fridge also means you will be able to organize your food items more easily.

You can also remove the two top shelves if you want to create more space for large containers. The orientation of the shelves is completely up to you; change them to suit your needs.

This particular model features three shelf spaces with lots of room for bigger items. The side door on the other hand, is a treat in itself: there is a beverage dispenser called CanStor that can hold a total of six cans. Right beside the CanStor is large space that can easily accommodate a 2 or 3 liter bottle of soda.

2. The Danby DAR195BL was also built to consume only a small amount of power, compared to other power-hungry compact refrigerators. If you don’t have spare cash for a large utility bill, pick the Danby DAR195BL, because it will definitely help you cut down your electricity bills.

3. Another unique feature of this fridge is that manufacturer actually wants you to use its top as a table. The top section of the Danby DAR195BL was engineered to resist scratches and other common signs of wear, so you can place stuff on it and not worry. Feel free to place your books on top (just not all of them!) so you can really make this compact fridge a part of your college life!

4. If you are thinking of travelling with your compact fridge, you will be happy to know that the Danby DAR195BL also has its own batteries. Bring this cute, cube-type fridge to the beach and just enjoy the cold drinks all night long. You won’t have to leave your chilly beers or soda at home. Bring the whole fridge and have a party whenever and wherever.

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