Chicken Rotisseries – Make The Best Tasting Chicken

Delicious Juicy Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Rotisseries Produce The Tastiest and Juiciest Chicken

People all over the world love grilled, roasted, rotisserie chicken for dinner, lunch or just any time of day.

Chicken is one of the most popular meat types consumed worldwide compared to let´s say beef or pork, veal or wild game meats.

This type of roasting or grilling is the perfect match for chicken meat. Chicken rotisseries cooks the bird to juicy, succulent perfection with unmatched result when it comes to taste, texture, look and presentation. A real feast for both your taste buds and eyes.

Buying a home kitchen countertop rotisserie gives you several benefits. It´s affordable and saves you lots of money, it prepares really good food in a short amount of time, it´s a really healthy way of cooking, low in fat and nutritious, and you will be able to cook the most fantastic tasting chicken with restaurant rotisserie results at home.

A rotisserie cooker practically cooks the food by itself, leaving you with plenty of extra time for other household chores or other activities.

This is why you should really consider getting one for your own home!


Rotisserie cooking is a very special method of preparing food. In the following, this unique food preparation method, is explained in more detail.

Ronco Showtime 5500 Stainless Rotisserie

Rotisseries, A Level Above Roasting

Roasting makes meat taste excellent. It is a very common cooking practice and roasted meats seasoned with rubs and spices are very popular at restaurants.

Rotisserie is an exclusive form of roasting using the same beneficial indirect heat but without the drawbacks and problems of traditional roast heating.

This is possible due to the rotisserie spit or the skewer that the chicken is trussed on during the entire cooking process.

What sets rotisseries chicken cooking apart from the conventional roasting method is that the meat is rotated horizontally or vertically throughout it´s preparation time. This ensures even and perfect cooking on all sides of the bird, leaving the birds meat crisp and brown on the outside, and juicy, moist and tender on the inside. The food retains all of it´s wonderful natural flavors and the seasoning gets that extra taste boost.

Rotisseries chicken really tastes amazingly good and is the perfect cooking method for poultry.

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotation for Juicy Perfection

So how can the chicken meat remain so juicy and moist with this type of cooking process?

It is because of the unique and continuous rotation of the meat which allow the fat to drip off the bird while the natural juices self-baste, coating the chickens meat inside and out, on each turn or rotation.

To get an even more juicy and succulent chicken you can of course baste the meat yourself during the rotisserie cooking procedure, moistening it further, brushing it with juice liquid, but it is not entirely necessary.

The rotating motion of the rotisserie machine takes care of this for you. The food comes out with a perfect level of juiciness.

Cuisinart Vertical Electric Rotisserie

A great tip when cooking chicken rotisseries style is to use marinade or a dry rub. This will produce perfect restaurant grade results.

Meats should marinate for a couple of hours, allowing it to absorb all of the marinades moist and spices.

For dry rubs, cut many small pockets of flavor in the meat, so that the rub can really get well inside of it and release all of it´s seasoning flavor power.

George Foreman GR59P Baby George Rotisserie

Healthy Cooking Style

Another benefit of cooking this particular poultry type with a rotisserie is the health aspect. Rotisserie chicken is low-fat since most of the fat drips out during the food preparation process, leaving you with a great tasting and healthy meal for you and your family + friends.

You can eat as much as you want without having bad conscience.

Chicken rotisseries make the best tasting chicken possible. It really stands out in terms of flavor and juiciness.

>> Video – Preparing & Cooking a Rotisserie Chicken >>

Chicken Rotisseries Cooking at Home

If you think rotisserie cooking sounds tempting and if you would like to try it yourself, there are many options.

Some home ovens’ come equipped with the optional capability of roasting and rotisserie cooking through the use of an additional rotisserie spit or fork which is operated with a built-in electric motor.

There´s also the possibility of transforming ordinary outdoor grills to barbeque rotisseries or grill rotisseries, making the grill device a dedicated roasting setup through taking advantage of grill accessories available i.e. a rotisserie kit.

A special spit or fork and motor can be added separately turning your grill into a rotisserie setup.

Learn more about Cooking at Home with Electrical Rotisseries HERE! <<

Tasty Chicken Rotisseries Style

If you don’t have access to any of the above you can still cook great chicken using this method.

There are many different quality brands of home rotisseries for sale on the market, so you have the opportunity to buy your very own specialty rotisserie oven for your kitchen countertop.

You will find more useful information and reviews Here, on Rotisseries from the Brands Ronco, George Foreman and Cuisinart.

This type of household appliances are very affordable these days and won’t cost you a fortune or break your household budget.

Rotisserie Chicken for Everyone

Everyone can enjoy great tasting restaurant quality rotisserie chicken at home, at a fraction of the cost, long-term, for restaurant visits, take-out or ready-made chicken from the grocery store.

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Family Eating Rotisserie Chicken

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