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If you are interested in purchasing electronic cigarettes for the first time, then we recommend buying one from a reputable online retailer. Online retailers often offer lower prices, because they don’t have to pay for rent, and warehousing alone often costs less than paying for commercial space.

So all of the savings from selling electronic cigarettes online is passed on to the buyers themselves. When you buy an electronic cigarette, you will usually receive the following items:

Get All The Includes When You Buy Electronic Cigarettes

1.    Atomizer – The atomizer is responsible for activating the vapor production in the electronic cigarette. When you draw in air, the atomizer is activated, and the contents of the liquid cartridge is used to produce the vapor that you will inhale. The atomizer is tasked with securing the liquid cartridge, and for producing the vapors continuously upon use.

2.    Charger – Electronic cigarettes nowadays are equipped either with higher-end lithium ion battery cells or mid-range lithium polymer cells.

Both of these types of power cells can be charged easily with a USB charger, which can then be plugged in to your laptop, personal computer, or even an appropriate wall adaptor. Consult with your user manual for more information regarding the wattage needed for your electronic cigarette USB charger.

3.    Battery – In most e-cigs, the battery is built into the device so that it doesn’t fall off. Most manufacturers advise their customers not to disassemble their e-cigs, and to have them replaced or serviced if battery-related issues arise.

The best-selling and most reputable e-cigs in the market today offer a lifetime warranty for their products. This means you can have your e-cig replaced or serviced should any performance-related issues arise at any point. Among the notable products that offer the same warranty is the legendary Zippo lighter, which also offers a lifetime warranty.

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4.    Liquid cartridges – The liquid cartridges contain the nicotine or the flavored vapor juice that you will be consuming each time you use the electronic cigarette. Many electronic cigarettes are manufactured with a solid steel base (atomizer) and a hard plastic or metal reservoir for the vapor juice.

Take note that there are currently two types of vapor juice being sold to e-cig users: non-nicotine, and nicotine. Non-nicotine juice contains plain vapor juice with no added nicotine, of course. You will still be able to produce vapor, and you will still taste the added flavor to the juice when you use it.

Nicotine-loaded juice contains a small amount of nicotine (a definite amount), and is recommended for people who are slowly transitioning from smoking to non-smoking via the tapering route.

5.    Carrying case – Your electronic cigarette should come with its own stylish, protective carrying case. This is very important because, if you don’t have a dedicated case for your electronic cigarette, it is very easy to lose it among all your smaller items. A carrying case (usually made from hard plastic) will also ensure that your electronic cigarette will remain clean and safe from dust and other contaminants.

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