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Finding a Natural Cure for Psoriasis

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Many people who have been diagnosed with psoriasis often ask if there is a different, alternative cure or way to treat this naturally, like an all-around psoriasis natural cure. If you want to confidently manage it, we have to clarify a few things regarding this condition.

First of all, psoriasis has a strong genetic component, so it is not really the type of disease that goes away easily. It manifests on your skin because the condition is actually part of your DNA.

This being the case, we have to accept the fact that psoriasis is a chronic condition that will probably persist up to your senior years. Now, this doesn’t mean that you are a helpless victim of this condition. On the contrary, there are many things that you can do to manage it, even from the comfort of your home.

Psoriasis in itself is not a life-threatening disease. It doesn’t cause people to have heart attacks or develop blindness. However, this condition does produce a peculiar set of skin symptoms. This will be our focus: the symptoms of psoriasis.


Psoriasis Natural Treatment – Natures Help

Here are some natural remedies that will help you along the way.

1. The rough patches that you see on your skin are called psoriatic plaques. These patches can be extremely dry, and can therefore be a real problem if you are trying to get through your day without picking or scratching at these problem areas. The most natural way to keep these of rough skin moisturized is by showering.

Showering at least twice a day can really help keep your skin supple and moist. But, if you are like most people, you may not have the luxury of time or the chance to rush home and shower in the middle of the day.

So, what you can do is to use moisturizers (e.g. creams and lotions) to help keep these psoriatic plaques hydrated. If you can apply moisturizers regularly to the affected skin, the itchiness will eventually dissipate, and you won’t be tempted to pick at the skin anymore.

2. If you don’t mind the smell of vinegar, you can try soaking in a bathtub with some vinegar. Half a cup of this aromatic flavoring can help soothe itchy skin. Regular apple cider vinegar is perfect; there is no need to buy expensive brands at all. As for the quantity, ½ cup of vinegar is all that you will need to keep the itchiness of psoriatic plaques at bay. There is no need to overdo it: a little vinegar in your bath will go a long way. After soaking for about fifteen minutes, feel free to shower a bit before toweling yourself dry. Remember: gently pat your skin dry. Rubbing affected areas is a bad idea, period.

3. Epsom salts are another great home remedy for itchy psoriatic patches on the skin. You will only need about a quarter of a cup of Epsom salts for this home remedy. Add the Epsom salts directly in your bath water, and just let the affected areas soak for 15 minutes to about half an hour. The flaky skin will fall off more easily, improving the appearance of the skin, and directly reducing the itchiness of the affected areas.

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