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What is the Herbal Cure for Psoriasis?

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Is there a psoriasis herbal cure? This may be one of the most pressing and persistent questions in the world of chronic skin problems. The idea of being able to cure such a dreadful skin condition with herbal medicaments and natural remedies can be quite tempting… But is there a grain of truth in all of the ideas floating around regarding an herbal cure for psoriasis?

The answer is yes, you can actually manage this condition fairly well through natural means.

However, it must be pointed out that there is no singular, known cure for this chronic skin disease. This skin disease is passed down from parent to offspring and, therefore, it emerges because it is part of a person’s genes.

It is part of the genetic blueprint of a person. Accordingly, there is not total psoriasis herbal cure. Since it cannot be cured completely, what we can do is manage it well. And, if you do not like the idea of being completely dependent on steroids and other conventional treatments, there are some herbal remedies that you can try.

If you want to manage your psoriasis naturally through herbal medicaments, you have to understand that there is no herb that will directly act upon the disease itself. Herbal medicine is all about addressing the tangential, or surrounding factors, that contribute to the worsening of a particular disease.

Herbal medicine is often largely misunderstood in this respect. Many people think that the world of alternative medicine has an “all-natural” counterpart for everything that conventional medicine has to offer. It doesn’t.

It has its own ways, and whether conventional medicine agrees with alternative medicine or not, its practitioners will hold true to their traditions and roots. With this in mind, it is best if you combine both conventional treatments and herbal cures to get the best possible results.


Herbal Psoriasis Cure – Reduce Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Here are some herbal cures that might help reduce psoriasis flare-ups:

1. Goldenseal – Goldenseal has a natural cleansing ability. It can help the human body rid itself of toxins. Taken orally, a tincture made from this herb may help reduce flare-ups caused by an imbalanced diet and a poor lifestyle.

2. Milk thistle – Milk thistle is a supportive herb that helps the human liver recover. Additionally, this herb has been noted for being able to decrease excessive skin tissue production.

This is indeed great news for psoriasis sufferers, since this is exactly what psoriasis does: it rapidly increases the production of skin in certain parts of the body.

3. Gotu kola – A newcomer in the world of herbal medicine, gotu kola has been recommended for psoriasis patients because it is a powerful, restorative agent that can influence how fast the skin can heal from injuries.

As you may already know, psoriatic plaques can be extremely sensitive to scratching and picking. You need an herb that can help decrease the healing time of broken skin, so you don’t trigger another outbreak.

4. Chamomile – An age-old medicine for many cultures, chamomile lends its healing powers once again to psoriasis patients. Chamomile can help reduce inflammation and may also help people manage their stress levels. Stress is a major psoriasis trigger.

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