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Are you interested in becoming a certified Les Mills instructor? Well, today’s your lucky day, because we are going to cover the details of how you can do exactly this, and more. The first thing that you have to understand about Les Mills is that it licenses its programs to different health clubs and gyms around the country.

Depending on what type of program you are interested in, you may have to contact local fitness centers and clubs in your locality to find out which one has the license that you need. There are different Les Mills programs, such as yoga and weight training-specific, so you have to identify which fitness club can accommodate you.

Once you are able to locate a nearby club that has the right license, you will be given an agreement to sign. This exclusive agreement is between you and Les Mills itself.

This exclusive certification agreement is the cornerstone of your professional relationship with Les Mills. Once this has been taken care of, you will then be able to attend your first ever Les Mills certification training, and you will also receive all of the materials and fitness resources that you will ever need to carry out your future role as a Les Mills certified instructor.

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Les Mills Body Pump Certification – Personal Training Certification

Unlike other institutions, Les Mills doesn’t complicate things for people who want to make real, positive change in people’s lives. And this is actually at the core of the Les Mills philosophy – helping people live better lives, through the Les Mills brand of fitness and health.

Before you become a fully-certified Les Mills instructor you will be required to attend follow-up training sessions with Les Mills trainers and other aspiring instructors.

This will be an amazing time for you, because you will become thoroughly acquainted with other people who also share the right passion and drive to become a certified instructor.

You will also discover other positions that you might fill within the Les Mills ecosystem. For example, you can train to become a Fitness Manager, instead of just an instructor. As long as you have the time and drive to pursue your goal within the Les Mills ecosystem, we say just give it a whirl.

What can you expect from your training at Les Mills? The training itself covers several important dimensions that all come together to provide the Les Mills advantage.

The first element is choreography. Since you are going to be holding classes, it is important that you are able to master group dynamics and how to sustain proper choreography, regardless of class size. The second element that you will be mastering as an instructor is technique. Talent without formal technique is usually problematic.

Since you want to become a Les Mills instructor, you will be taught the Les Mills techniques, regardless of what area you want to penetrate. There is always a Les Mills way of doing things! Coaching and communicating efficiently with the individual members of your class will also be taught. You will not go very far in this industry if you don’t know how to reach out effectively to your clients.

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Les Mills Pump

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