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Genuine Les Mills Body Pump Equipment

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Finding genuine equipment for use with the Les Mills Pump training system can seem daunting – until you find out that Don Oliver Fitness has partnered with Les Mills to produce effective, patented equipment that will deliver consistent results to loyal users of the Les Mills Pump system.

If you live in the United States, and are looking for additional bars and other accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to explore all of the genuine equipment that you can purchase directly, so you can get more out of your Les Mills Pump workout programs.

Les Mills Body Pump Workout Gear – The Original

1.    Body Pump Bar – The Les Mills Body Pump Bar is probably the most important item you will ever have in your home gym. Why? It was specifically designed for people who are using programs like the Les Mills Pump system.

You will need a durable barbell bar if you are going to use weights for prolonged periods of time. Cheap alternatives are often made from hard plastic that actually snap in half while you are using them.

The Body Pump Bar is made from solid, stainless steel, and has been carefully coated for a smoother finish. This bar will never require repainting, and will outlast the fat that you are trying to burn off.

Les Mills Body Pump Equipment

2.    Handheld Set With Body Pump Bar – If you want to give a friend the same benefits of the Les Mills weight training system, you may want to start with giving him a Handheld Set with Body Pump Bar.

This set contains a total of six weight plates and a coated stainless steel barbell bar. You might notice that the outer covering of the plates is plastic. Yes, because you don’t need metals that will crack when dropped on the floor.

Les Mills plates are designed for heavy use, and this is the reason why they are all filled with iron sand instead of fragile metal. You will see a big difference when you finally use one yourself.

3.    Vertical Storage Rack – If you are serious about fitness, and you have a ton of weight plates at home, you will definitely need a Vertical Storage Rack manufactured by Don Oliver Fitness.

This special storage rack for weight plates can handle a total of fourteen rows of weight plates, and also features a center repository for dumbbells and other equipment.

If you have even more plates to store you can also get the Extension Pack, so you can add an additional ten columns of weight plates to the Vertical Storage Rack.

4.    Body Pump Weight Plates – We highly recommend that you use only genuine Body Pump Weight Plates when increasing the resistance of your Body Pump Barbells. Body Pump Weight Plates are durable and easy on the hands, which make them perfect for quick switches.

Traditional weight plates tend to slip when handled; avoid accidents when working out! The lightest weight plate from Don Oliver Fitness is two kilograms, while the heaviest is ten kilograms. If you need more resistance, simply purchase more plates for added resistance.

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Les Mills Body Pump Equipment

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