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GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, has now become very common throughout the world because of key changes in people’s lifestyles and diet. Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter, or LES, fails to protect the esophagus from the acids in the stomach.

The LES is the mechanical barrier that prevents acid from climbing up the esophagus. Normally, the LES is excellent in keeping the esophagus clear of stomach contents.

But, during the rare times that it does fail to do its job properly, a painful event called heartburn takes place. If you have chronic episodes of acid reflux yourself, you may want to check out our collection of tips. We will  also be sharing with you a special solution to GERD at the end of this discussion article.

Heartburn Relief

Instant Relief for Heartburn – What You Can Do Today!

1.    If you experience heartburn while you sleep, or early in the morning, it is possible that the “misfiring” of your LES occurs in the middle of the night. You can reduce the movement of the stomach acids by increasing the height of your pillow area.

Instead of using additional pillows, place wooden blocks under the cushion of your bed. These blocks will permanently change the angle of your bed, and will help alleviate some of the early morning refluxes that we all dread.

2.    If your waistline is 40 inches or more, avoid wearing tight pants and belts. Excess fat deposits in the abdominal area exert pressure on the stomach and the surrounding organs.

If you wear tight pants, more pressure is added, and this in turn can trigger more episodes of acid reflux. Wear suspenders if your pants are loose, or have them refitted at the tailor’s so you won’t have to wear anything to keep them up.

3.    If you are a smoker (even a social smoker who doesn’t smoke daily), it’s time to call it quits. It has been medically proven that tobacco smoke causes the LES to malfunction. A malfunctioning LES can really make your day miserable, because heartburn will become more and more common as you keep smoking. Luckily, the LES issue clears up on its own when you stop smoking.

4.    The older generations may have been on to something when they admonished the young ones to eat slowly and chew their food properly. Doctors have been able to correlate a strong connection between a person’s eating style and the incidence of GERD. It appears that people who eat blazingly fast often suffer from frequent acid reflux.

5.    Grab a pen and notebook whenever you eat to record the specific food items and beverages that you are consuming. When your GERD is triggered, you can easily backtrack to see what foods may have triggered your episode. Knowing your personal GERD triggers is necessary for long-term management of this condition.

Now, if you are tired of shooting in the dark when it comes to GERD, we have found a great solution that will actually help you manage this problem now and in the future.

The Heartburn No More Success System is a complete, holistic approach to naturally remedying GERD and its symptoms. You will learn everything you need to know about acid reflux and how to quell the symptoms without having to rely on prescription medication.

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Heartburn Relief - Acid Reflux

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